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18 Jul

Good news, folks!  My blog now has it’s own little home on the web.  Change your bookmarks, readers, and links over to!

I can’t export my blogroll, so I’ll slowly be building it back up on the new site.  If you’re reading me, please send me an email at yummysushipajamas <aT> gmail [d0t] com with the link to your blog!


18 Jul


Calvert Cliffs State Park

We had a really fantastic weekend!  We had good friends come to visit and spend the night Friday night, so Saturday morning we spent the day with them.  We enjoyed some really good chocolate zucchini bread for breakfast and then a roasted vegetable panini and fresh fruit for lunch before heading out to the local state park.

We hiked for 1.8 miles (loaded down with lots of water and Gatorade) before reaching the beach at the end of the path, where we all got the chance to rest a little bit and Aaron took Evi out to stand at the edge of the waves.  She LOVED the water, so next time we’ll pack a swim diaper for her so she can really get into it.

We hiked the 1.8 miles back and were grateful to come home to an air conditioned house and a nice shower.  Our friends headed home, and Aaron and I enjoyed the awesome turkey chili they brought us for dinner.  We skipped the rice the recipe called for and instead ate the chili on tortilla chips.  It was really good, and I’m looking forward to making it myself sometime soon.

Today Aaron got up with Evi and I headed out to Starbucks for three hours of uninterrupted me/work time.  It was great and I got SO much done.  We ran errands in the afternoon and spent a quiet, lazy night at home.

How was your weekend?


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Friday Frivolity: Crush

16 Jul

I have a new Hollywood crush.

Joe ManganielloJoe Manganiello, newly of True Blood fame and potentially of Italian descent…

He’s purty, yes?

I can’t help it, I find him dreamy… and he’s a welcome distraction from other gentlemen playing werewolves in Hollywood these days, some of whom make me feel like a dirty old lady.  (I’m looking at you, Lautner… still looking…)

This has me doubting my long held loyalties to vampires of all kinds.  Angel… Spike… that boy from Vampire Diaries… that guy from Moonlight who is now on Three Rivers and who I still find delectable…

Sorry vamps, the werewolves are edging you out this year.


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Dum Dum

15 Jul
Dum dum

You new Dum-dum. You give me gum-gum.

Sometimes you do things that are really embarrassing, right?  Like cutting your finger really badly while making dinner, thus briefly terrifying your toddler by running around with a bloody finger while trying to clean the cut, find, open, and apply the bandaids with your other hand?

I know this is no big deal and something that happens to people every day, but I feel like SUCH AN IDIOT when this sort of thing happens.  Seriously.  It makes me question my sanity.

Just tell me you’ve done similar things?


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14 Jul
Future statue

"The Future," 1933-1935 - Designed and modeled by Robert I. Aitken; carved by the Piccirilli Brothers Company (source)

There’s something very weird and vaguely unsettling to me about the future.  And specifically, I mean MY future.  I am, and have always been, nearly incapable of picturing myself in a future place that is significantly different from where I am in the present.  When I try to think of myself as an old woman, I can’t and the effort makes me feel strangely disconnected from my current life.

That’s weird, right?  I remember being a kid and trying to picture myself as an adult, and I just couldn’t do it.  I am extremely tied to the current moment, the RIGHT NOW, and I just can’t wrap my head around the idea that things will be different.  I have always felt the same inside… I don’t feel any older now than I did in high school.  I remember high school pretty well still, and in my head I look back and see myself as the same person I am today.  Younger, yes… technically, but no different.  I recognize that I’ve had life experiences since then that have changed me, but at my core I feel like I’ve always been the same…

I don’t even know if this is making sense, but it’s something that’s been on my mind since Aaron and I started talking about a living will.  We want to make sure we’ve documented our wishes for Evi, but talking about it puts me in a weird place in my head because it forces me to seriously think about some future point in which I will not exist.  That shakes me, makes my skin feel crawly and my head unsettled.

Maybe it’s the ultimate arrogance… maybe my head is limited by my own humanity… but I think I’ll leave the future where it belongs.


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Truly, Madly

12 Jul

A friend of mine posted the following on her Facebook page:

Marriage is not only about how madly in love you are through the good times, but how strongly committed you are through the bad ones! Love is not always convenient, but if it is true love, it will outlast any strain, overcome any obstacle, & grow consistently & exponentially for all eternity.

Being both naturally argumentative and a die-hard romantic, I had to disagree.  I mean yes, I get her point and she’s right to a degree.  Of course the strength of a marriage lies in how you weather the storms.  Aaron and I certainly learned a lot of important things about how much we could rely on one another when we lost Aodin.  So yes, marriage is about outlasting adversity.

My issue is that quotes like make me feel like people want an excuse.  People want to be able to say that it’s alright that they aren’t still madly, goo-goo, nutso in love after however long.  Many, many people have told me that what I am about to say is naive and that it is unfairly holding others to my own standards…. but I can’t help how I feel.

If you’re doing it right, I can’t help but think you SHOULD be insanely in love forever.  It should never end.  You should always be as silly happy as you were in the very beginning.  Aaron and I were really proud that not long after our four year wedding anniversary we were mistaken for newlyweds by a photographer at an event.  The mistake, said the photographer, was thanks to our hand holding, adoring looks, lots of laughter… and she (a weddin photographer by trade) was shocked to hear we’d been married for several years already.

In case you’re curious, here’s the photo that resulted:

Not quite newlyweds...

Not quite newlyweds... close upDon’t we just look miserable?  Look, I know marriage is not always easy.  I know you’re going to get irritated with your spouse, you’re going to have arguments and disagreements, no matter who you are.  That’s all a normal part of sharing a life with someone.

However, I don’t care what anyone says.  I refuse to believe that you have to stop being happy, sappy, crazy in love.  To this day I get butterflies when Aaron comes home.  I still hold his hand and my tummy feels fluttery when he holds me in his arms.  He’s still my favorite place to be.


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Helpful hints: tick removal

11 Jul

Our back yard has a ton of trees, and our dog spends a lot of time out there… which means that despite the flea & tick medication she takes, she still brings in the occasional hitchhiker.  I used to HATE removing ticks, especially since half the time I wasn’t sure if I’d managed to get the gross, tiny head out.


Johnsons baby oilI found a way to suffocate the little nasties!  If I put three or four drops of baby oil on the tick, wait thirty seconds, add another two or three drops, and wait another thirty seconds or so, the tick is so easy to pull out that I can do it with my fingers and some tissue paper.  The longer it’s been in there, the more oil and time you’ll need… but it’s so easy to do.  I imagine it would work just as well on people, and it even smells good!

So there you go… something actually useful!


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9 Jul

Uniqua from the Backyardiganssource

Things I’ve said recently (alternate title: kids make life weird):

  • Can you please get your hand out of my underwear?
  • Why are you licking my leg?
  • Aw, do you love the manatee?
  • Daddy’s shoe on my head!
  • I don’t remember what I had for breakfast, but she ate…
  • Wow, you stink… (said with odd, but typically parental, enthusiasm)
  • Honey, please stop beating the dog in the head with that stuffed hippo.
  • Uniqua’s got a big ol’ head, oh yeah.  (That’s Uniqua up there.  Seriously, she’s got a big head.)
  • Come on, let’s get up and do the dinosaur (flower/robot/frog/octopus) dance
  • We’re watching Octopuzzle.
  • Is that you that smells like a dumpster?

Seriously, kids make life weird…


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Coffee Burnout

8 Jul
coffee bean

Click for source

Is it possible to stop liking a coffee that you previously found somewhere between palatable and good?

We’ve been drinking Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla coffee… mostly because we can get it at the wholesale club for cheap and we’re too poor frugal to pay a bunch of money for some really good coffee.

When we first started buying Dunkin Donuts, it was out of sheer desperation because we’d tried a million other coffees that we hated.  So maybe it just seemed good by comparison since we’d had so many awful options.  But it was good enough, and we’ve been drinking it pretty much every day for months now.

All of a sudden in the last week or so, I just can’t stomach the stuff!  I try, I really do, but it makes me nearly gag and I have to force myself to swallow it.  In the end, I’ve just been avoiding it lately or sometimes (like this morning) pouring a cup just to let it sit and get cold.

So is it me?  Is it the coffee?  Do I need to clean my coffeemaker or something?  Aaron doesn’t seem to think the taste has changed…


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Orthodox Imagery

7 Jul

Greek Orthodox Church

Greek Orthodox Church - photo by Heather Hurd, October 2007

If you know me, you know that I’m not religious.  I don’t consider myself to be spiritually inclined.  And yet… there is something about Orthodox imagery that speaks to me.  In Greece, I bought religious icons because they had meaning for me beyond their religious purpose.

That’s why, when I walked into the chapel at the Greek Festival in Annapolis, MD, I knew I’d be coming home with a picture of the beautiful artwork on the ceiling.  The vibrant colors, the stylized depictions of Christ and the saints… it all speaks to something deeper in me.  It stirs the same sparks that drove me to become an art history major.  It answers a basic need to behold beauty.

This breathtaking church is the center of a yearly celebration of Greek food, culture, religion, and music.  The festival pulses with life and joy, and the people there give you a taste of what it’s like to belong utterly and fully to something outside your circle.  Stepping into a festival like this, if only for a moment, you become part of the family.  You are welcomed, you are loved.

Festivals like this, which we attend every year, are a fantastic way to be introduced to authentic culture.  These festivals support local businesses and agriculture, and give community groups a chance to shine.

The next time you pass a festival, stop in.  You never know what might speak to your heart and soul.

This post has been entered into the Grantourismo and HomeAway Holiday-Rentals travel blogging competition.


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