Things that are… weird.

9 Mar

I am never sure what I can and cannot say on my blog, as I am never sure who’s reading it. So, since this particular post is about some people that I know pretty well, I apologize in advance if it’s a little cryptic.

Sometimes this particular person that I know happens to make my life very difficult. This particular person…

Oh, forget it. The mother-in-law is driving me nuts right now. She asked that we all get together to celebrate both of our birthdays since they are only a couple of days apart. So she just emailed me to tell me when and where we should meet and, oh could we pick up Gramma on the way down. Gee, I’m SO glad I have some input into a celebration that’s supposed to be for both of us… I’m just saying…

SO, M-in-L, if by some off chance you are reading this then there, it’s said. You can be very inconsiderate sometimes. Sorry.


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