Traffic Patterns

18 Dec

People suck. Just in general.

I had my teeth power washed at the dentist today who, as you may remember, I am terribly afraid of… and with good reason for the most part. The cleaning went relatively well, although they were completely unable to tell me what is wrong with the tooth that has been giving me trouble lately. Their best guess is that I bruised the ligament under that tooth due to clenching my jaw while under stress. Me, stressed? What?

But no, the good news didn’t stop there. She also told me that I have unusually deep crevices in my teeth and therefore will always have cavities, no matter how well I take care of my teeth. So now I have a January 2 appointment to have two small ones filled before I leave the country. At least it isn’t my fault, but come on…

THEN the sales clerk at Best Buy tried to hard sell me an FM tuner (for my brother’s Ipod – makes it play over the car stereo) for twice what I wanted to pay. I already have one for my own mp3 player, so I knew I wanted to get the $20 one. Of course he said the only one that would work for an Ipod was the $80 one. Right, even though the cheap one says Ipod right on it? He didn’t know what to say to that. Then when I got up to the register I discovered they have doubled the price on the damn thing since I bought mine a couple of months ago. I didn’t even check the price on the shelf since I own the same thing. Apparently now it is worth $40 instead of $20 despite being Exactly. The. Same.

Also, everyone was driving like lunatics. In the time it took me to go from the dentist to Best Buy to the grocery store and home again (maybe an hour’s time and ten miles total) I was so stressed that I vowed to literally never leave the house again. A special FOAD goes out to the following:

    • – cell phone drivers – not just anyone, but the people who must look at the phone to talk or are so distracted that they drive ridiculously
    • – old people – not the nice ones, the slow ones
    • – anyone who steals parking spaces
    • – that guy who follows me to my space like a stalker
    • – whoever thought up THIS – no seriously, is anyone else ashamed by this?

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