19 Dec

12.19.06 Day Eighty Two REJECT - Crazy Chocolates

These are the crazy chocolates from Denmark. They actually came from Grocer’s Daughter, but they are just odd. Visit the Flickr page to see my thoughts on the crazy flavors like:
Truffle Flavors:
A: Cherry
B: Honey
C: Blueberry
D: Raspberry
E: Rosemary
F: Mint
G: Lavender
H: Thyme
I: Courvoisier
J: Grand Marnier
K: Whiskey
L: Cardamom
M: Espresso
N: Lemon Verbena
O: Mayan
P: Whiskey Fig
Q: Almond Twins
R: Apricot
S: Hummingbird
T: Basil
U: Arriba
V: Pomegranate
W: Lime

Caramel Flavors:
1: Berry
2: Nutty
3: Sea Salt

And, just for you, my 365 for today:
12.19.06 Day Eighty Two - Dark Girl


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