1 Jan

Certain things really get under my skin.

I like to argue, to discuss different points of view.  Some topics, though, I have to avoid with certain people.  If I know we both have extremely polarized views about a particular issue, I won’t talk about it because I know we are never going to reach a middle ground.  What makes it worse is when the person I am talking to refuses to elaborate on their opinions when I ask and instead just keeps throwing out the same argumentative statements over and over.  I tend to get a little upset when that happens.  I hate when I know I am being forced to hear someone’s rhetoric without being given a chance to understand it.  So, I just make myself scarce.

Worse though?  When I can totally hear that person asking my husband why I have been so touchy and whether or not I am still tired.  Why can’t I have a strong opinion about something without being touchy?  Why can’t I feel passionately about political issues without there being something wrong with me?



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