It’s Like Bubble Wrap Made of Meat

7 Jan

Uh huh, that’s an actual quote from tonight’s birthday festivities for a good friend of mine (JC). We went and hung out with quite a rag-tag group and had a wonderful time. We went to the hookah bar again, only this time there were nine of us and three different hookahs.

Afterward, we went out for sushi!!! Mr. Pants had a chicken salad roll (cheater!) and I had the Godzilla roll!!! The chicken salad was tempura chicken with apples and pecans and some sort of honey mustard sauce. Pretty good actually. The Godzilla was spicy tuna and yellowtail (raw) with avocado and hot sauce. YUM!

Anyway, everyone there was so different from everyone else, and we all had a great time! There was fun, silly joking, random movie quoting, peaceful discussions of politics, and intellectual conversation. Mr. Pants and I both had a fabulous time. We can’t wait to hang out again.

JC is coming to Crete as well, so this also served as an informal going away party. It was an AWESOME chance to relax and unwind before the trip. Thanks JC, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


2 Responses to “It’s Like Bubble Wrap Made of Meat”

  1. Lisa January 7, 2007 at 9:10 am #

    I am so afraid of sushi. I’ve managed to avoid it for 40 years (ha)…wonder if I can get away with another 40. It’s so neat looking though. I just can’t get past the “raw”. Oh how I wish…

  2. Bre January 7, 2007 at 12:06 pm #

    I have extreme sushi envy right now, I’m not going to lie!

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