A Very Special FOAD

8 Jan

I despise the administration at my University.

Way back in September I took out a special loan for my Greece study abroad trip.  Before I applied for it, I called the school to be sure I would not only be able to apply the loan to the cost of the trip, but also that I would be able to receive the remainder of the balance so that it could be used for spending money on the trip.  I was told that it would happen just as I needed it to, so I applied for the loan.

THIS MORNING I am being told that I cannot, in fact, receive the rebate from that loan because I still have money owed for my Spring balance.  Another loan for more than enough has already been dispersed for the Spring, but the woman at the bursar’s office “doesn’t know what to tell me” and assures me that they “don’t work that way.”

The result?  I am financially screwed.  I am having to borrow money from my mother and from Mr. Pants’ treasured savings account so that I can, you know, EAT while I am away.  In the end it will all be fine because the rebate will come in in February and all the missing money will be replaced/returned, but still.  It is SO ridiculous.

So much for being able to relax leading up to my trip…


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