Greece – January 12th

26 Jan

From my journal:

I am climbing the Acropolis! This is absolutely amazing. I am glad I got the chance to be here. There is a different feeling here than there was in Italy. It is still calm, beautiful, and essentially Mediterannean but – unlike Rome – it doesn’t quite feel like home. All the same, this is wonderful. It is almost overwhelming. These things are ancient and beautiful and powerful.

On God
God, for me, is a conceptual term. It doesn’t inspire a particular picture but instead a feeling. These places, these arches and stones, tell me that the Greeks knew this too. Man or woman, balck or white or brown – what is the form of God? I think it doesn’t matter at all. Whatever or whoever it may be, God (or god) cares for us by giving us the power to care for ourselves. I want to spend more energy on taking advantage of these things. I have been given too much to take it for granted.

After the Acropolis we had a nice lunch (more free wine) and got a chance to shop in Monasteraki. I got a small cycladic statue, a Minotaur necklace, and snake earrings. I still want to get a mug for Sushi Dad, a Minotaur for Mr. Pants, a snake goddess figurine for my boss, and something pretty for Sushi Mom. I know she said no souvenirs, but without these people I wouldn’t even be here so I want to thank them properly.

We are on the ferry to the island of Crete tonight. It’s an overnight ride and the “ferry” is more like a giant cruise ship. Since we have an uneven number of girls, I got a cabin to myself and I couldn’t be happier. I really like some of these girls, but I think I needed the chance to decompress. I am excited to get to Crete. Tomorrow should be a nice day to relax and explore Heraklion.


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