Greece – January 13th

26 Jan

I didn’t sleep well on the boat. The room was hot and the motion was strange. It was sort of nice to be on my own though. We got into Crete at seven this morning. I was awake way in advance so it didn’t take me long to get up and out. All the same I was one of the last ones on the bus so I felt a little bad about people waiting for me. The professor seemed fine though, so I think I am alright.

Maybe I am homesick. Maybe I feel pressured because certain people seem to need me to take care of them. I just know that I am mentally tired. I feel irritable and worn out! I want Mr. Pants and Savannah and mia famiglia! I find myself defaulting to Italian. I think maybe the Mediterannean feel has me in a Roman state of mind.

So far, I like Crete better than Athens. I loved the Acropolis and the chance to see the Agora, but it had such a “global city” feel, like it could have been anywhere. Crete feels more authentic somehow.

I had bougatsa (twice) today. It was really great!

Ha! I was just reminded that I have funny things to write about! We saw some grafitti that said “emos always cry,” which was hilarious. Later on, Manda was talking about tagging along with a friend’s family to Greece next summer. She said they wanted her to try the lamb from their village, to which she would reply, “I will eat all the lambs in your village.”

Steen is really sick and I am worried about her. I am also concerned about getting sick myself! Other people are bugging me here. Several people are really negative, and one in particular won’t get out from under my feet! I need space! I am also starting to worry about money a little. It’s not going as far as I wanted it to. I’m probably spending too much on food…

Next time I am packing WAY lighter. I thought I had done well but I am seeing that some things were not worth bringing, and my suitcase is super heavy. Lesson learned, I suppose!

Today we came into Crete with cold, miserable rain. By the time we left the National Historical Museum to get lunch, it had pretty much cleared up. We walked to the grave of Nikos Kazansakis, the author of Zorba the Greek, in the afternoon and then stopped for coffee. Tonight we are going to a restaurant for dinner that serves the Greek equivalent of tapas. Afterward, everyone wants togo to a hookah bar, but I am REALLY tired. I feel like I have to go because it is someone’s birthday and she really wants to go… I suppose I will try to tough it out for a little while at least.

It’s funny what unrelieved contact will do to your feelings about someone. I have found some people here to be accomodating to the point of irritation. So far Manda and Steen have been the only people on the trip, other than the professor, who I haven’t at least momentarily wanted to summarily dispatch via a horrible Vespa collision.

I should be happier. I should be unable to control my enthusiasm. Instead I am tired and already wanting to go home.

Minotaur! I will think of the Minotaur until I feel better!

… After four shots of Raki, everything is better!


One Response to “Greece – January 13th”

  1. iamthesky January 28, 2007 at 8:58 pm #

    hehe. Oh my with the Raki. I’m glad you included these handy links… I would’ve had to look that one up.

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