Greece – January 14th

26 Jan

Today was much better. I got some space from certain needy people. Steen and Manda, on the other hand, could not be cooler. The more we hang out, the more I like them both. I am SO glad we have been able to be roomates.

Tonight we are having dinner at a taverna owned by Eleni’s brother. Eleni has known the professor fot fifteen years and is serving as our Cretan tour guide. She took amazing care of Steen, who is finally feeling better, and today she stole oranges off of some trees for us all to have on the bus!

We had breakfast at the hotel and then took the bus to Gortyn. We saw the ruins of a basilica there and an ancient law code carved into a stone wall. Then we saw the ruins of the Minoan palaca at Phaistos. We had an awesome lunch at a tiny taverna – I had pastitsio – and then we went to the ethnographic museum in Voroi. While we were there, Manda asked a bunch of great questions about the huge pithoi which led to an invitation to visit a man who still makes them using the ancient techniques. We will meet him on Wednesday or Thursday.

We stopped for about fifteen minutes on the way home to see the beach at Matala. The sand and water were beautiful and I got some great pictures. There were also caves covering one of the cliffsides. Our guidebook says they are Roman rombs cut into the hillside. I slept on the bus ride back to the hotel, and now we are just waiting for dinner. Tomorrow we are going on an early Loukomades run!


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