Greece – January 15th

26 Jan

Today was pretty cool. We went to a great pottery shop in Thrapsano and I got gifts for the family. I wasn’t feeling very well, probably from the raki, but it got better as the day went on. We saw the historical museum in Arkhanes. It was small, but there were amazing funerary artifats and I got some great pictures. We also went to a Mycenean cemetery in Arkhanes. We had to climb a HUGE hill to get there and I was SO dying. I have got to get back in shape. At the top were the remains of Mycenean beehive and shaft tombs that were really cool to see.

On the way to Knossos (YAY), I gave my site report on the bus. It was nice to do it so informally, and it saved us time at the site. It was also awesome because Steen made minotaur sounds from the back of the bus during my presentation. So funny. Seeing the site was really cool, and I got a picture of the “smart kids” with the professor. They have done a lot of reconstruction at Knossos and several of us talked about the merits and/or drawbacks. Personally, I feel like anything that makes history/art/culture more acceptable to the average person (excluding, of course, blatant misrepresentation) helps the world as a whole.

We had good pizza for dinner, and then explored the city a little.


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