Greece – January 21st

27 Jan

We had a short day today.  We saw the monastery at Toplou, which was a big part of the resistance when the Turks invaded.  It was a beautiful place and we got the chance to see some really amazing icons there.  Steen and Eleni got the chance to kiss the relic hand of St Anastacia.  On the way there in the morning we listened to the liturgy on the bus radio.  I think some people were irritated, but I thought it was really beautiful.

After the monastery we drove back to Sitia.  We got wonderful desserts at a sweets shop there and sat right by the water to have coffee.  I got a cream cone AND a slice of chocolate cake, and both were absolutely amazing.  We went to a small archaeological museum that had some really amazing Minoan artifacts.  There was a wine press, a huge collection of statuary, a set of Roman pots that had become a reef underwater, and a lot of Linear A tablets.  I am fascinated by both Linear A and B.  I’d love to know more about them both.

As I write this, I hear church bells and I can’t help thinking of Rome…

On the way back to Ierapetra we stopped at the beach across from the island of Mochlos.  A couple of people went swimming but I thought it was WAY too cold for that.  We walked up the hill a short way to see the remains of the artists quarters at Mochlos.  The island itself used to be connected to Crete by an isthmus so the ruins are on mainland Crete.  It was amazing to stand there and think about the Minoans looking out over essentially the same view so many years ago.  After that, we headed home and are now waiting for dinner at a taverna that Aristos (the bus driver) arranged for us.  We are also going to see the old quarter of the city where there is a turkish fountain and a mosque.

When we got back to the hotel, Steen and I got to change our room.  Originally we had a single double bed.  Instead they gave us a huge suite and now we essentially have our own rooms.  Now we have our own balconies and a beautiful view of the Libyan Sea.

I am missing home and starting to worry about money a lot.  Food has been WAY more expensive than I thought it would be… I figured I would have some money leftover but now it looks like I’ll be spending every penny.  It is stressing me out a little bit…


One Response to “Greece – January 21st”

  1. iamthesky January 28, 2007 at 9:54 pm #

    Ohhh everything sounds so beautiful. I can’t wait to read about the mooooosssssque. lol.

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