Greece – January 23rd

27 Jan

This morning it was announced that the remainder of our trip would be alcohol free.  Frankly, I think that is fabulous news!  I very much enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, but by no means do I NEED it or even want it on a regular basis.  I hate that it has to be taken to these measures and that the adults (including me) have spent so much time and energy worrying about people who seem to have no self-control or respect for others…  This decision was mostly prompted by the idiots who swam drunk in the Libyan Sea last night.

We visited the church of Panaghia Kera today.  We couldn’t go inside because they are doing heavy restoration of the frescoes.  Instead we stood outside and Manda told us about the general cycle of the frescoes including the gospels, Ayia Anna (Mary’s mother), and the life of the Virgin.

We got to explore the ruins of a Hellenistic city at Lato.  It was in really good shape and so wonderful to walk through.

After Lato we went to the archaeological museum at Ayios Nikolaos.  There were a ton of really wonderful things there.  There was a first century (?) layer burial that was amazing, and a great bull statue that looked so funny!  My favorite, though, was the whole case of votive goddess figurines that looked almost exactly like the Late Period Egyptian Shabtis I wrote my honors thesis about.  I know there was trade between them at that point, but it was amazing to see!

We had lunch at a wonderful taverna on the harbor that was really inexpensive.  We were talking about disgusting combinations and Steen came up with Coca-Cola Pork!!!

Eleni told me I was among the best of the group.  Hee!  I love her!

We’re back on the ferry.  We said an official goodbye to Crete, a sincere one to Aristos, and a tearful one to Eleni.  Being back here makes it feel like we are doing everything in reverse somehow.  I am sad to be leaving Crete and I am determined to come back soon.  As much as I am ready to come home, I am really going to miss this place and these experiences.  I am also going to miss the people that I have gotten close to here.  I will see them next semester, but it is going to be really odd not to be with them all the time.

Now if only I could convince Mr. Pants to live with me here in the beautiful and peaceful Mediterannean…

One Response to “Greece – January 23rd”

  1. iamthesky January 28, 2007 at 9:59 pm #

    hehehe. Poke, poke, poke Mr. Pants.

    P.S. Yay frescoes. I bet they’ll be amazing when they are finished restoring them… so that means you have to go back to seeee them.

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