Greece – January 24th

27 Jan

It is officially our last day in Greece. We got up at 5:15 so that we could leave the ferry at six this morning and take the bus to the Philippos Hotel in Athens. We had a nice breakfast and then several people slept. We only had about an hour, so I stayed awake. Our tour guide, Katerina, met us here at the hotel and took us to the National Archaeological Museum here in Athens. She was a great tour guide who took us through each time period in Greek history and art.

After the museum we walked to the College Year in Athens program to pick up information for Steen. Now we are enjoying a relaxing time at the hotel after a great lunch with the professor at a restaurant called Vitro. Tonight we have bellydancing to look forward to!

Side note — I want to be a tour guide! I would love to give English-speaking tours anywhere in Italy! I’m researching my possibilities when I get home.

Some ridiculous kids in our hotel had a toga party… First of all, they are clearly NOT history majors, as togas? ROMAN. Also, they were ridiculously loud. I called in a noise complaint on them. (ha ha)

Dinner was so much fun! We were out way too late, but the music, dancing, and traditional costumes were wonderful. We saw traditional dances, heard amazing music, and saw a bellydancer perform. The food was great too! Of course people complained about not having alcohol, but I find them ridiculous. If you can’t enjoy such a unique experience without alcohol then you may have some issues to consider.

The taverna was a wonderful way to bid farewell to Greece.


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