15 Feb

As in, we’ve been out of power since Monday night.  We have no heat and no lights.  We ended up going out for a Vday dinner after all, though it was a bit lackluster since we were both still feeling yick.  All’s better now sick-wise though.  I am at school, enjoying heat and power… and worrying about the dog, who I left with a mountain of blankets.


One Response to “Powerless”

  1. iamthesky February 15, 2007 at 10:36 am #

    awww! If you guys wanna come stay with me in the ghetto you can… although I haven’t been there since some time last week. Do you know when the power will come back? Maybe you should get one of those kerosene heaters… that’s what we used to have out in the sticks.

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