A Little Sushi

2 Apr

Okay. No matter what, I won’t be going to graduate school for at least another year. I know that I said I wasn’t going….

I didn’t want to go for art history after I saw the nitty gritty of art history jobs. I didn’t want to do any of them, so why waste my time and money in grad school. And there was certainly nothing else I could find in the way of grad programs that I wanted to take part in.

More importantly, I felt like I had to choose between having a family soon and going to grad school. I thought I couldn’t do both. Obviously, if I had to choose it would be family.

Now, thanks to discussions with Mr. Pants and with my lovely friends here and in the “real” world, I now think that it might be possible to do both… to not have to choose. So I started looking at my options.

Before now I have never been able to find a program that really catered to my actual needs. Then I visited the University of Pennsylvania. There, I found this program:

Art and Archaeology of the Mediterranean World – For centuries the Mediterranean World has been comprised of the countless cultures and civilizations that grew up around the Mediterranean Sea. Stretching from the Atlantic to the lands of the Levant and the Middle East, the Mediterranean has witnessed dramatic changes in each era of human history. From the international diplomacy of the Bronze Age to the flowering of Islamic empires after the 7th century, the Mediterranean was the setting for some of the most important cultures of the ancient world, including Egypt, Israel, Carthage, Greece, Macedon, the Roman Empire and Byzantium. The Graduate Group in the Art and Archaeology of the Mediterranean World trains graduate students in the field of Mediterranean and Near Eastern archaeology by providing them with a program of study that combines courses, field experience, and museum research. Students consequently gain the training and qualifications needed for careers as college and university teachers, museum curators, and archaeological scientists. All students accepted in the program receive five-year fellowships that provide tuition as well as a yearly stipend. Funding for summer travel is also available, as are grants from the School of Arts and Sciences, the Louis J. Kolb Foundation, and the Colburn Fund for study at the American School for Classical Studies in Athens. During their second and third years in the program, students teach discussion sections of courses in Classical Studies, the History of Art, or Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, and they also have the opportunity to teach courses during the summer sessions once they have passed their qualifying exams for the Ph.D. All AAMW students are encouraged to spend at least one semester of their graduate career serving as an intern in the Mediterranean or Near Eastern sections of the University Museum.

I really think the program would have been more honestly title “Heather, This Is The Graduate Program For You.” And so, I started looking and discussing things with Mr. Pants.

I am going to apply for several reasons:

  1. We would not have to move and, thus, Mr. Pants could keep his job. I could take the Amtrak into Philly every day. The ride is only an hour, and I already drive that far to come to school.
  2. If you are accepted into the program, everything is paid for no matter what. I would also recieve a stipend over and above that, which would pay for my transportation costs and maybe even more than that.
  3. I wanna go.

I started the application process, but I would not be able to start until fall of 2008 (August 2008) and so I now have a year in front of me.

I am seeing this as a great opportunity to work at my NEW JOB!!! and save up some cash. Yes, that’s right. I am an executive assistant as of Wednesday morning! Woot.

I am also thinking about other things it might be a good time to do. Like… HAVE A BABY SUSHI! If I got pregnant now, I could be working the whole time and then the baby would be six months old or so by the time I started grad school. That would be so much better than having a baby IN grad school.

I think Mr. Pants is going to say no. He’s worried about money and having a house and paying off debts before we have kids. I agree with all of that on a logistical level, but timing right now is soooo good…

We’ll see, and of course I’ll keep you up to date.

(God, I am verbose of late.  I promise to shut-up more.) 


3 Responses to “A Little Sushi”

  1. Brandi April 2, 2007 at 4:23 pm #

    First of all, congrats on the job! That is AWESOME news. 🙂 You so deserved that.

    That program sounds like it was made for you, Heather. I’ll continue to keep my fingers and toes crossed for you on that matter… If it’s supposed to happen, I know it will.

    Good luck on the baby talk! We’ve been having that conversation a lot lately as well. It makes sense to wait a little bit but OMGBABYNOW is what my mind says. 😉 Good luck!

  2. Bre April 2, 2007 at 8:19 pm #

    New Job!! Hurray!!

    I’m fully in favor of the grad school at UPenn, largely because I’m selfish and just imagine all the Philly adventures we could have! 🙂

    Also, I vote for little sushi babies for me to knit for very soon!


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