Deliver de Letter

12 Apr

Here it is, my application letter:

Dr. Fancypants:

Please regard this as an application for the AIRC International Field School excavation of the Villa Vignacce, summer 2007.

My educational plans will benefit greatly from an experience like this, though a graduate school application is not the only stimulus for my application submission.  I am instead more motivated by an abiding love for Roman history and culture.

I first visited Rome in the summer of 2005 for a 5 week program at American University of Rome, and knew immediately that la città eterna was a place that would never leave my heart.  When I was much younger, I had always listed Rome first among the places I wanted to visit.  As a student, I have enrolled in mythology and history courses.  I am continuing my study with both Italian and Latin in my final year of undergraduate work, prompted in part by my visit to Rome.

The opportunity to spend the summer excavating a Roman site would give me the archaeological introduction, language practice, and experience abroad, including social connections with students and scholars in the field, which would provide me with the best possible conditions for acceptance into a top Masters and Doctorate program.

The enclosed resume will provide you with an account of the experience, skills, and abilities that I possess, including intermediate Italian language.

I am more than familiar with the conditions of the Roman summer, and look forward to the physical work as well as the time in the sun!  My undergraduate studies in art history and interest in Roman history and culture have given me the perfect knowledge base from which to contextualize the important work taking place at Villa Vignacce.



I am taking suggestions.


2 Responses to “Deliver de Letter”

  1. Wondy April 12, 2007 at 4:51 pm #

    Love it. Very well put, you write beautifully.

  2. iamthesky April 13, 2007 at 12:19 am #

    AMAZING. yeah, I said it. 😉 If I were in charge you would be the #1 accepted!

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