Dinner Party

19 Apr

After reading the interview posts of several other bloggers, a lot of “pick some people to hang out with” questions are being posted. You know, dinner party guests, etc… So, in the spirit of the awesome choices Chica made, here’s my ultimate dinner party invite list:

  1. Hatshepsut. I know, nerdy. I can’t help it. I loved Egyptian history, and this woman commanded a seriously powerful presence for a long time in a world of men. She was a freakin’ PHARAOH! How many of US can say that?
  2. Neil Gaiman. He might be nuts. Okay, he probably IS. However, I think he’s a pretty brilliant writer, and his ability to create completely believable worlds based in no way on reality is fascinating. I’d love to chat with him.
  3. Johannes Vermeer. I’d make him paint my portrait. I love his work SO much. He inspires me. His work with light and color is brilliant.
  4. Beppe Severgnini. His writing is enlightening and hilarious at the same time. Plus, he’s Italian. He could coach me on language. He’s just too cool. And, his avatar for his online writing for an Italian newspaper is too cute:

  5. Artemisia Gentileschi. This woman is the master of all things artistic. She was a genius, a rule breaker, a rebel, and a beautiful woman. If you have never seen her work, start looking now.
  6. Rasputin. Let’s face it, he’s fascinating… and possibly still alive, if you believe some of the rumors. There’s nothing like potential evil to get you a spot at my dinner table.
  7. Sappho. An ancient Greek female poet. Do I really have to explain further?
  8. Franca. She’s my Italian and Latin teacher this semester. On top of being a wonderful woman who is positively brilliant, and someone who speaks enough languages to keep us all in conversation well into next year, she cooks a mean Italian meal. If I’m inviting over the famous and long dead, I have to have HER cooking.
  9. And finally, my mother. She’s amazing. How could I not invite her? She has this awesome ability to make everyone feel included and loved, and she is SO MUCH fun. She made me who I am, so she gets an invite to any cool parties automatically.

3 Responses to “Dinner Party”

  1. Cyndi April 19, 2007 at 3:14 pm #

    Hatshepsut is definately awesome and at the top of my “Ancient Egyptians to meet” list. I also think that Akhenaten would be cool to meet, from a “what were you thinking?” standpoint. I might steal this idea for my next post, mwah hah hah.

  2. Bre April 20, 2007 at 10:46 am #

    So… I’ll be crashing that dinner party because the list is so fabulous! Can I sit next to Sappho?

  3. brandy April 20, 2007 at 2:01 pm #

    I loved this! Although I admit, I hardly knew who any of the people where on your list (thank you for linking and to the wonderful aid of google!). I think the answers to this question always say so much about some one. And inviting your mother? Awesome.

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