Hide Your Foodstuffs

29 Apr

I’m tired, but not sleepy…

I had a nice, long, productive weekend full of work and homework. I know it doesn’t sound like fun, but it was sort of relieving to get so much done this weekend. I managed two papers and a presentation, plus three chapters of reading. If I can’t manage to get to sleep sometime soon, I might also managed the final edits on another paper due this week.

Tomorrow, I work and then have school again. My evening will be spent studying for one Latin quiz, one Italian test, and trying to get started on another paper that is due by Thursday… which I sort of haven’t started yet. I could be in trouble, as it is meant to contain interviews and such which I haven’t managed. I am hoping I can sort of infer them without quoting them… since there’s nothing to quote.

Mr. Pants and I watched Romeo + Juliet tonight. We’ve seen it a hundred times before, but it really is a good movie. I like the adaptation, and I am sort of picky about those… Remember my opinion of Troy Women? I HATED that one.

Okay innerwebz — I am feeling a little blue. I think I am just so ready for school to be finished, and so overwhelmed by how much there is left to do in three weeks. I am terrified of failing my Latin class which, in very uncharacteristic fashion, is a real possibility this semester. I have three finals in a row, back to back, all on the same day. I don’t study well without several hours to prepare for a test. Information does not stay with me like that. I am sort of freaked.

Also? I can’t stop eating. It’s like I’m the bottomless pit all of a sudden. This week I have been crazy hungry. I am not even going to TRY getting on the scale for fear of what it will tell me. Instead, I am just going to try to get back to decent eating tomorrow and see how it goes. Lately though, when faced with the choice between french fries and fresh fruit, I buckle. In the moment, fried food always seems like a better idea. No willpower! No healthy choices! All fried, all the time!

There’s a small chance I am deliriously tired and, as such, making no sense. So instead of thinking about my odd, rambling post, look at this:

04.29.07 Savannah 1


One Response to “Hide Your Foodstuffs”

  1. Bre April 30, 2007 at 10:35 am #

    Whoa Betty! I think you need to treat yourself to something deliciously good (for you)!

    What about doing some sort of low-fat fruit smoothie, or going to some chic health food place and getting something tasty? That may assuage your food gimme-gimmes and be healthy at the same time!

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