10 May

1. It feels like a sauna outside…  not hot, so much as humid beyond belief.

2. I had to pay to get my paper printed this morning because the free lab was randomly closed despite the sign saying it should be open.

3. I forgot my Latin book and home, and I didn’t do the homework anyway.

4. I also forgot my Italian dictionary.  We have an open book composition today, and I have no dictionary.  Nor do I have any money to buy a new one.

5. I was supposed to find some sort of homework for Greek this afternoon.  I didn’t.

6. I am relatively positive that my new shirt, which I was so convinced was cute, just makes me look really fat…

I have never, in all of my existence, been more ready to finish a semester, and I have had A LOT of semesters…

I know it will all be fine.  I know the day will end and nothing will have blown up.  I know I am so close to the finish line that it is almost silly to think about it.  I’m just whining because I can…


One Response to “Whiner”

  1. iamthesky May 10, 2007 at 9:52 pm #

    Awww honey, you could’ve totally just come in and borrowed an Italian dictionary. I know you would’ve brought it back. 😦 I’m sorry you had an awful day!!!

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