Please Hit Me in the Head with a Stick…

18 May

… repeatedly, or until I pass out.

Actually, don’t.  But if this was still yesterday, I would have been very serious about that particular request.  It was a really, really bad day.

I started out with less than three hours of sleep.  Thanks to artificial caffienation,  I wasn’t tired…  just overwhelmed with things to study.  I took my 8am exam and did really well.  No worries there.

Then, I spent practically every minute between 10am and 2:45pm preparing for my 3pm Latin final…  which I totally bollixed.  I know now what happened.  I don’t want to turn your brain to jelly with the painful grammatical details, so I’ll try to keep it simple.

Basically, she told us to look at a particular bit of information.  I did, but I also (of course) made a mad attempt to stuff my brain full of all of the other things we had learned – the things we should have already known, that she would take for granted we knew – so I wouldn’t get caught up there.  That resulted in me being familiar with the information she had directed us to, but by no means comfortable with really using it.

The entire first half of the test was about THAT information.  That ONE thing.  I didn’t end up needing any of the other information I studied at all.  I came up with some answers, but I can pretty much guarantee they are about half wrong.  My only saving grace is that she drops the lowest test grade, even if it’s the final, so if it’s worse than the first test (which I got a D on) it will go away.

I thought I would feel so much better after the test was over, but instead I felt worse.  I was worn out, and the certain knowledge of poor test performance was getting to me.  So, I walked back to my car, at least happy with the fact that I could go home to my fabulous husband and my cute puppy and my own bed.

No such luck.  Somehow I managed to leave the dome light on in my car and the battery was dead.  I didn’t have the cables to jump-start the car, and I couldn’t get the door to open.  Now that I am not totally blitzed from lack of sleep, I think I was actually turning the key the wrong way.  Marvel at my stupidity.  So then I tried to get in through the trunk, but the back seat got caught on the front passenger seat, which was leaned back, and wouldn’t go down all the way.  So no luck there either.

Poor Mr. Pants had to drive an hour from home to come and get me.  He, of course, got the door to open, jumped the battery from his car, and I got home just fine.  Finally.  Unfortunately it was late-ish by the time we got back to the house so we just went straight to bed.  Sleep was nice, but it would have been even nicer to get the chance to relax with the husband-of-much-fabulousness-and-master-of-rescue.

So I slept, well and deeply.  I am at work all day today, but I sit in a chair and I have had coffee.  I also got paid this morning, so things are looking better by the minute.   Let’s recap the things to be pleased about:

  1. Rough day – over
  2. Hardest final – done
  3. Best husband in the world – mine
  4. Cutest dog ever – also mine
  5. Graduation countdown – six days
  6. Graduation party – eight days
  7. Leave for Rome – 29 days
  8. Super supportive friends – many
  9. Parents who love me enough to let me host my grad party at their house AND offer up their superb grilling skills – two
  10. Brothers and sisters who love me – four
  11. Fun, funny internet friends who keep me laughing with their blogs and pictures and stories – many

I can’t complain, now can I?  I’ll be posting again soon with a tribute to my inner-netz friends who keep my spirits up.  Love you guys!


2 Responses to “Please Hit Me in the Head with a Stick…”

  1. Bre May 18, 2007 at 3:21 pm #

    I love how positive you can be, despite the crazyness! You rock, H!

  2. Richard Brown May 18, 2007 at 9:37 pm #

    I’ll go cut a stick right now 🙂

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