1 Jun


1. If you knew you were going to die in a week, what would you do? (sorry to be morbid but I like this question)

I would spend every minute with friends and family, and take pictures of every little thing that caught my fancy, no matter how trivial. I would write letters to everyone who has ever touched my life to let them know that, at least to me, they made a difference. I would eat everything I had ever wanted to eat and not let myself have. I would stop counting calories because, really, how fat can you get in a week?

2. What is your favorite place in the whole world that does NOT have to do with the Ancient world (like Rome, Greece, Egypt, etc)?

This is an easy one… my mother’s house. It is always comfortable there, with good food and lots of laughter. I adore my family.

3. What do you think is your greatest accomplishment in life so far, or what are you most proud of yourself for?

This is a hard one… I am obviously quite proud of having finished my Bachelor’s Degree. It has always been a life goal for me. I am sure when I have kids, they will top this list as well. Right now I would say that my greatest accomplishment in life is maintaining a happy marriage to a man I adore.

4. If you were an animal, what would you be and why? (a nerdy one but a classic)

I think I would be a snake, even though I sort of hate them. I just think it would be a great life to slither around and sun yourself on rocks, and laugh quietly as people (who you never had any intention of coming near) run screaming.

5. What is the meaning of life?



1. What will you name your first child?

Isabella if it’s a girl. For a boy… we still aren’t sure. Lucas, maybe?

2. What surprised you most about college?

That it was easy. Time consuming, yes, but not terribly challenging. Also, I found out a lot about me while I was there… turns out, I am pretty determined when I want to be.

3. What is your fave top ten-themed blog of all time?

Duh! Rohrblogger!

4. Diamonds or pearls?

Honestly? Neither. I’m not a fancy girl. I’d rather my gifts take the form of a nice night out with people I love. If it’s got to be jewelry, gimme the cheap stuff any day.

5. What is the naughtiest thing you have ever done?

I was pretty straight-laced as a kid, even a teenager. I missed curfew about three times. I got caught because my dork boyfriend, leaning forward to waive goodbye to me from the driveway, leaned on the horn. I skipped a half a day of school once, on a day when I was already excused for working on a science fair but was technically supposed to return to school, to see a movie with two friends. I drank nineteen shots of hard liquor in about two hours my first semester of college, and then I made out with a boy I didn’t know very well. I know – it’s terrifying how bad I wasn’t, isn’t it?


1. What’s your Rome timeline like?

I leave at night on June 16th and arrive in Rome the afternoon of the seventeenth. I meet everyone for a group dinner, and then I SLEEP! The first week is an orientation meant to teach those of us without archaeological experience. Then I spend five weeks at the dig, Monday through Friday from 6:45am to 3pm. My afternoons and weekends are mine, which means lots of sightseeing. I fly home the morning of July 29th, spend a horrifying sixteen hour layover in London, and then get home the afternoon of the 30th. There will be lots of pictures.

2. Are you officially going into the Philly program or is that up in the air?

I still don’t know about that one. They accept a VERY small number of people. I will submit my official application when I get back from Rome, and then I probably won’t hear back until early next year!

3. What is the one accessory you cannot live without?

My wedding ring. A silly keyring I wear on my right hand from one of the first dates Mr. Pants and I went on together. That’s probably it. I have a TON of jewelry though, so if you’re looking for a category, I’d have to say jewelry… more specifically, necklaces or earrings. It’s absurd how much I have.

1. What color underwear am I wearing right now?

Hmm…. white. With stripes.


3 Responses to “Answers”

  1. bastet3 June 1, 2007 at 3:18 pm #

    42?! Damn, if only I had better formulated the question maybe I would have the real answer, ha ha! And Luke is definately a name I picked out for my kid too, although I sway between the variations – Lucas, Lucius, Lucian, Luke … at least I’ve got plenty of time to think it over!

  2. Jason Rohrblogger June 1, 2007 at 8:36 pm #

    Jason makes a wonderful name for a boy. Or a girl. Love your Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy reference! You rock and you rock and you don’t stop…

  3. Lefty June 5, 2007 at 2:17 pm #

    You’re clairvoyant!

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