12 Jun

While in Rome, I will be living with BOYS!!!

Originally there were to be two apartments, one for the girls and one for the boys. Now it turns out that our apartment has three boys, me, and one other girl.

Obviously the bedrooms will be split up by gender.

I am interested in seeing what it will be like to live with guys for a while. I have done it before and, frankly, they were horribly messy. I figure as long as they can manage to keep the common areas presentable, I don’t care if their rooms look like tiny tornado victims.

I am hoping, since they are all graduate students, that I will be spared the party-hardy, drunken tourist, who cares about offending people attitude. I am also hoping they will be more inclined to shop and cook, versus eating out all the time.

Anyway, I have my official address while I am in Rome! It is so exciting to see! It’s really close to the dig, walkable even, which is nice since we have to be there at 6:30 am most mornings.

This is where I will be living while I am in Rome! The red ‘M’ is the closest metro stop! YAY!


3 Responses to “Cooties”

  1. Shelley - At Home in Rome June 12, 2007 at 10:22 am #

    Where have I been?! I totally somehow missed that you are on your way over here. I would try to guess the Metro stop, but I’m not THAT good. Drop me a line when you get into town.

    Good luck with the roommate situation. I used to work with study abroad students and I think you’re right, grad students, or in any case people who have already passed through that “WOW! They don’t card me over here!” phase, will hopefully not be getting “ubriaco” every night.

  2. Brandi June 12, 2007 at 2:50 pm #

    Only a few more days! I’m so incredibly jealous and happy for you. 😉 You’re going to have the *best* time.

  3. christavswonderwoman June 13, 2007 at 1:06 am #

    Boys are so much fun, I love them! I love boys, they are always painfully honest and appreciate a stonking fart joke. You will have so much fun!

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