Don’t Hate!

12 Jun

Last night Mr. Pants and I went out to another work-sponsored party!

A great local Irish restaurant was having a business reception where everyone from the companies they partnered with was invited to come and try out their new summer menu.

Galway Bay is a great place to eat and they have some of the best fish and chips in the US. As a thank you to the people who have supported them over the years, they throw this party once a year.

Thanks to some help I had been giving our Sales Manager this week, she invited me and the Pants to the reception. It was lovely. Free wine, beer, sodas, and lots of amazing food.

One of the new items they were trying out was a corned beef “popper” which was amazing. It was corned beef and cheese, battered and fried, then dipped in Thousand Island. Horrible for you, but SO good! We also discovered that they have AWESOME lamb, so we’ll be getting that next time we go in.

There was live music, and a ton of people I have never met before. Other than the Sales Manager, I think I am the only person from our group who showed up.

Fools! You missed free booze! 😛


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