28 Sep

I am SO looking forward to this weekend!  We have family coming to visit on both days, which means lots of chances to show off our new apartment and the great area around it.  It also means we don’t have to do any traveling, which always makes me happier.

We’ve also managed to come up with a way to attend my cousin’s wedding in Georgia in October, and I am thrilled about that as well!  It means driving down there, which is going to be tough on my sleeping and bladder patterns, but I’ll make it so I can see my family again.

In other news, I think I have alien hives.  I get tiny hives on my face every once in a while, and for some time I was convinced they were because of shellfish, since I got them several times after eating shrimp or crab.  So, I swore off shellfish, and continued to get hives.  I have added both shrimp and crab back into my diet with ZERO harmfull effects.  So now I know.  I have mystery hives.  ON MY FACE.


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