Story Time

28 Dec


Once upon a time, there were two precious baby girls.  They were born within six months of one another, and they were both surrounded by love and happiness.   One was named Dawn, and the other Lee.

Each girl lived with her own family, and had the sort of problems that lots of people have.   Lee had bad parents, but was raised by beautiful, loving grandparents.  Dawn had headaches and hair loss, but a strength of spirit she got from her own mother.  One day, through circumstances no one could have imagined, Dawn and Lee became sisters.

Like all sisters, sometimes they got along and sometimes they fought.  In a family of love and laughter and hugs, Lee never liked to be touched.  In a house with no secrets, Dawn kept to herself.  When they became teenagers, things became strained.  Dawn was smart and thin and beautiful.  So was Lee.  Dawn worked hard, maybe too hard, to be the best kid in the world.  And Lee?  Lee went astray…

She started hanging out with the bad kids.  She messed with drugs, got caught up with horrible guys, and violently disrespected her parents.  She refused therapy, ignored love, and was unaffected by discipline.

All the while, Dawn worked harder than ever.  She excelled in school, she made smart decisions, and she surrounded herself with uplifting people.  She also worried.  She saw the way Lee was hurting her parents, and she wanted to fix it, to make her mother’s pain less, to make her father smile again.  But there was nothing she could do, no way to turn Lee around.

Eventually Lee’s awful behavior was too much for her family, and she was sent away.  She went to live with her biological father, who in turn made her leave after she put his two young sons in danger.  She finally went to live with her biological mother.  Lee knew she could take advantage of the guilt her mother had for abandoning her as a baby, and she used it to stay out until all hours and cause no end of trouble for herself and her biological mother.

Dawn never strayed from being the best she could be.  She worked hard.  She was first in her class.  She was sweet and kind and tried hard to be a loving part of her slightly fractured family.

Lee found a guy… another in a long line of men who would never respect her or treat her well.  She got pregnant, and she had a sweet little girl.  Dawn hoped this would bring her back in touch, make her stop ignoring the people who continued to love and hope for her.  Dawn found a full-time job, one that she loved and that made full use of her tremendous skills and her hard work in school.  She did fantastic work and everyone was proud of her.

Lee just kept causing pain.  She went so far as to mistreat her brand new baby.  It was so much pain, piled on top of so much more pain, that Dawn’s family (which had once been Lee’s) sadly, slowly turned away to save their own sanity, to cushion their hearts.

As they turned inward, embracing one another and holding on to the strength and love they had always shared, they saw something beautiful.  Something so brilliant and strong and full of life that they couldn’t help but stare and smile.

They saw Dawn, in all her young wisdom and fragile beauty, and they were amazed.


5 Responses to “Story Time”

  1. Mom December 28, 2007 at 9:12 pm #

    I am amazed and there was another older sister in that loving family, who was a guide and an example to those sisters – Dawn saw the beauty of her older sister and knew that it was good! No one could be prouder of those two sisters who saw that there were choices that could make them happy and those sisters chose to sometimes give up present and momentary pleasure to pursue real joy. Their Dad & Mom sure are proud of the beautiful, responsible, loving and kind women that they have become!!!

  2. girlinthecrosswalk December 28, 2007 at 10:26 pm #

    I think I know some of this story. And I’m pretty sure that Dawn and this older, other sister that Mom speaks of are two of the most amazing and beautiful people on the entire planet. And that there is absolutely nothing wrong in this story when the family turns away to preserve their own sanity. Sometimes the heart can only take so much and sometimes there is no turning around for some people so it is better to let go.

  3. irunwithscissors December 29, 2007 at 6:05 pm #

    I know this dawn pretty well, and she definitely wouldn’t be who she is if it weren’t for her amazing mother and her fabulous sister… 2 amazing, loving, strong, beautiful female role models! Love you sister!

  4. Tara January 2, 2008 at 10:26 am #

    I know these sisters and their mother of whom you speak. And I know first hand that mom, the older sister and Dawn are three of the strongest, most loving, fabulous women I have ever been blessed enough to meet.


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