Book Review #28/9

6 Mar

Natalie Angier’s The Canon was… decent.  I was excited to read it since I definitely don’t have a healthy grasp on science.  In the beginning, she does a pretty good job writing simply but without making you feel like an idiot.

As the book went on, however, I began to get frustrated.  She routinely works in cutesy little rhymes and sayings that started to drive me crazy.  As the concepts dealt with became more complex, her penchant for the poetic was really irritating.  She would be talking about… I don’t know, atoms maybe… and she would say something like “the size of a bird or this word or all the nerds in class.”  Please remember you’re writing for adults who are intelligent and choosing to further educate themselves about science.  I don’t want to be driven off by cute.

In the end, I still think she didn’t quite simplify some of the deeper concepts to a level I was really comfortable with.  Maybe I am truly a science idiot, but I doubt it.

Verdict: C-

Next up:

Paul Bowles’ The Sheltering Sky, which I made it through about twelve pages of before giving up.  I didn’t love the style of writing, and I had no investment in the characters.  I know twelve pages isn’t much, but if you can’t hook me somehow in that time I probably shouldn’t bother… so I didn’t.

Possibly unfair verdict based on tiny portion read: C

Next victim:

Marisa de los Santos’ Love Walked In.  A perfect followup to the scientifically minded Canon, this is a quick reading, light spirited, happy story.  I can already tell I will enjoy it at least as a break from the nonfiction set.


One Response to “Book Review #28/9”

  1. Sarah March 6, 2008 at 9:35 pm #

    Love Walked In is a GREAT book, and I think it’s even going to get made into a movie. It’s sweet and adorable, enjoy!

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