On Notice

13 Mar

Dear Thursday,
You suck.
Love, Heather

Seriously, today has been the Longest. Day. Ever. I am super tired, I’ve had so much coffee my stomach hurts and my pee smells like a Starbucks, and I am SO wearing the wrong shoes for a day spent up/down/up/down the stairs.

When I am finally on the bus on my way home tonight, I am going to be THRILLED. Mmmm…. I am comforted just thinking about it: home, husband, puppy.


One Response to “On Notice”

  1. Amy March 13, 2008 at 3:29 pm #

    Now that letter is just funny! If I wrote a letter to everyday of the week it would be something to the effect of Mon-Thurs…I can’t wait until F-Sun! Although all of my days are long and nights are too short…F-Sun, I love you because I can sleep in Sat and Sunday once Friday you show your pretty face!
    Today however would read…Dear Thursday, I love you because I don’t have to work Friday and you remind me of my son! Love, Amy

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