14 Mar

Or not…

  • When the waitress at the Thai restaurant asks if you like spicy, SAY NO.  Unless, of course, you enjoy losing feeling in your lips for two hours after half a plate of Pad Thai, which you ate despite tremendous amounts of chili oil because it was so good anyway.
  • Those people screaming on the street?  That huge crowd with the ridiculous outfits who are blocking traffic and annoying everyone?  They’re filming a segment for Nashville Star.  Weird, right?
  • What does it say about Starbucks when I had to help an Italian woman translate her order to them this afternoon?  I think she went in, saw the “Italian” on the menu, and thought she could make herself understood.  Alas, “extra hot double espresso with a little bit of milk” cannot be expressed in terms like “venti” or “frappuccino.”  Speaking of which, MAN did it tax my Italian vocabulary trying to explain to her what a frappuccino is….  In the end, I think I essentially conveyed “milkshake.”

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