Thai Fighting

15 Mar

I think yesterday’s super spicy Thai food is fighting back.  My stomach was pretty upset all night last night, and this morning it is still really hurting.  Overall I just feel gross.  I didn’t feel super well yesterday either, and thought it was just being worn out…  now I am considering the possibility that I have actually come down with something terrible.

I really hope not, though at least it is the weekend and I won’t miss work.  I know how sad that sounds, but I am doing my very best to save up as many sick/vacation hours as possible so that we can be gone for a full week in July to see my parents in Florida.

So… I plan to stay home, read a bit, get some extra sleep, and drink as much water as possible.  Tomorrow I am off to get my hair done by my awesome sister.


One Response to “Thai Fighting”

  1. bastet3 March 15, 2008 at 4:58 pm #

    Oh no, you’re getting sick too! Apparently there’s a lot of stuff going around, which sucks. I hope you feel all better soon and can save up those vacation days!

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