17 Mar

Look at me, posting in green! Here’s wishing everyone a happy St. Patricks Day, or just an excuse to drink some good Guiness… 🙂

My weekend was pretty good. I hit a rough spot that turned into a welcome revelation, had some good fun, and achieved another health milestone. Today’s planned recommitment should be no problem!

The rough spot… Somehow I got it into my head that my period should have started earlier than it did, so when it didn’t show up I couldn’t help getting a little bit excited that somehow I might be pregnant. Of course, that part of my brain was ignoring all of the birth control pills… When my period came on Saturday, exactly when it should have despite my miscalculation, I cried. I was so disappointed. But then, that turned in to a positive thing. First of all, my Dad pointed out that it means my body is still healthy and functional, which is going to make another pregnancy a lot easier. Second, I can now say with complete surety that I am ready to have another baby. Until that moment I still had some reservations. Now I know that I don’t.

It will still be a little while before we get back to trying, but it’s nice to know that I am mentally and emotionally in the right place.

As I mentioned in my last post, I bought jeans a whole size smaller this weekend!!! I gained two pounds last week and could still swing the smaller size, so I know I am doing something right with my body. I am excited, and it means I am going to have a much easier time getting back to eating right and working out this week. I was especially excited since I tried on several pairs of jeans in the new size, and most of them fit… which means I can go ahead and claim the size for myself instead of worrying that I just found the one pair of super huge jeans… 🙂

At work today, everyone is LOVING the new hair. I think it has finally convinced me that doing a little something to my hair is worth it.

Hold on… I think my sister just fainted.  She has been trying to get me to style my hair, at least sometimes, for years now. I think she has finally won me over with the new cut and color. I just look so cute! So now I am about to spend too much money on a new blowdryer and a nice round brush… Totally odd, since my idea of “styling” usually means letting my hair air dry and MAYBE adding a little bit of curl enhancer.

I am going to do my very best to go to the gym today at lunch, or to at least go out and walk around for an hour.


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