Vosges #1

27 Mar

Red Fire — awesome.  10 out of 10.  The bar is the perfect balance of spice and rich dark chocolate.  I have never been more pleased.

Mo’s Bacon Bar —  definitely not gross, which “bacon and chocolate” sounds like it should be.  This bar was interesting, but not world changing.  I wouldn’t turn it down, but I wouldn’t buy it again either.  I do, however, think it might be worth repurchasing suddenly, as I just thought of melting it over chicken.

Most of the bars we have are the mini ones, which are perfect for taste testing.  Then we can build a wishlist of what we’d like to buy!


One Response to “Vosges #1”

  1. Antigone March 27, 2008 at 9:34 pm #

    Mmmm…Chocolate covered bacon. Homer’s so inspirational. In homage we had bacon for our chocolate fountain when we married.

    Where can I get *that* candybar???

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