Books Never Fail

1 Jul

I am in a big reading phase.  I go in and out of these, sometimes reading tons of books all at once while other times I don’t feel like reading at all for days or weeks.

I’ve finished Ciao, America (book #45)!  It was a little out of date, as the book was written in 1995.  I still found it entertaining, interesting, and I love Beppe Severgnini’s writing style.  He has a great column in an Italian newspaper that I sometimes struggle through just to read his stuff.

Verdict: A

Next up, #46:

This one is a continuation of my fascination with linguistics.  It gets some interesting reviews on Amazon, none bad but all sort of left without a distinct impression, so I will be interested to see what I think about the whole thing.

For now, I am going to zombie my way through work.  I am SO tired today and I don’t know why.  I fell asleep easily last night, slept well and without memorable dreams, and I woke up at the usual time.  I am trying to lay off the caffeine a little, so I am suffering through work with no coffee.

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