Caffeine Generated Ideas

2 Jul

This morning, after a desperately needed cup of cappuccino (dry, skim, with cinnamon) I somehow started thinking about all of the little things I always mean to do.

  1. Photos — I want to put all of my “real” pictures into an album.  I don’t need it to be a fancy scrapbook, but I would at least like an actual album.  I’d also like to scan all of the pictures that I don’t have digital copies of.  Never hurts to have back ups.
  2. Recipes — I have a TON of recipes… cookbooks, printed pages from the internet, pages torn from magazines…  Ideally, I would LOVE to condense them all into a single notebook (or set of notebooks) with only the recipes I USE.  I have a TON of cookbooks that have only one or two recipes in them I’d ever use.  I’d love to organize them by food type or meal too.
  3. Clothes — I desperately need to go through my clothes and shoes, throw out the old stuff (or give it away) and really organize what’s left.
  4. House — I really need to get down and dirty with the house cleaning sometime soon.  It’s high time for the full on, scrub with a toothbrush, all the nooks and crannies sort of cleaning.  Plus, I’d really like to find a better way to organize some of our things.  Our coffee table is forever becoming a pit of despair, and I would really like to figure out a way to still keep it as a sort of “catch-all” but perhaps with cute baskets or something to make it look more organized and purposeful?

So this got me thinking…  Wouldn’t it be cool if people would pay me to do this stuff for them?  I mean, it wouldn’t really get MY stuff done, but I think it would be awesome to do it for other people.

Okay, maybe not the house cleaning.  I am pretty sure cleaning someone else’s toilet would make me yack… but everything else might be pretty awesome.  I wonder if that’s the sort of job that you’d get sick of quickly?  I think it might be prone to the same issues I had WAY BACK when I was designing web pages.  I would work super hard on something, and then the person would want to change almost everything.  Maybe I wasn’t asking the right questions in the beginning, but I didn’t take the criticism well.  Hence the no longer doing it… plus, I am SO behind on the latest design programs that I wouldn’t even know where to begin now.

Anyway… just a random thought of mine.  I have little thoughts like these sometimes, and I usually let them pass right by.  Sometimes, in the midst of them, I wonder if it’s the sort of thing that someone else will think of in a month and get filthy rich doing.  Doesn’t seem likely, right?


4 Responses to “Caffeine Generated Ideas”

  1. niobe July 2, 2008 at 9:23 am #

    I know that some people do pay others to “de-clutter” their houses. Not to clean them, just to coax them into throwing out all the junk they’ve accumulated. I’d love to do that, because I HATE clutter.

  2. Brandi July 2, 2008 at 10:19 am #

    Hi beautiful! My to-do list for home is very similar to yours. Recipes scattered all over the place with no real organization. It’s maddening! I agree, you should definitely have a digital backup of old photos, too. I spent a week or so doing that last summer. 🙂

    I like random Heather thoughts. They make me smile.

    It’s almost our Friday! ❤

  3. Rainy Pete July 3, 2008 at 7:31 am #

    Photos – I make sure I keep backups of all my “keeper” photos offsite at my parents’ house. I’m getting to printing what we have so we can look through it easier since we have no prints of much of what I’ve got.

    Recipes – We’ve taken to printing off the ones we like and keeping them in a binder. I scan my favourites from the cookbooks we own and add them to the binder so we have a single book of never fail recipes for when we’re in a rush. I’ll never part with the other cookbooks though as inspiration often lurks in the untried and different.

    Clothes – I’m bad for having only a little bit but I could easily go through the wife’s stuff and pitch half of it that she’d never miss.

    House – I keep hoping for a tornado, even though it looks like we already had one. Easier to rebuild it than try and clear everything out I think.


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