Sweet Sweat

8 Jul

My workout buddy and I did a Core Secrets workout yesterday, which was great but left us super sore.  Today we went for something we thought might be easier…

Yoga Booty Ballet HipHop Abs.  Yes, I did something called Yoga Booty Ballet….  It was definitely NOT easier, but still a good switch up.  The Core Secrets workout concentrated on a lot of strength training moves which meant less sweat but lots of deeper muscle work and more soreness.

YBB was WAY more cardio intensive, which meant SWEAT SWEAT SWEAT and then an intense ab workout at the end.  It worked all the muscles without the deep concentration of Core.  Plus, it’s a lot of dance so it’s fun.  45 minutes went by without me realizing it!

Now I am sitting here, lunch eaten and sweat long gone, and my skin feels… cleaner.  Is that weird?  Shouldn’t a workout make me MORE GROSS?

Also, for those following along with my “real pushup” progress, I managed 7 sort-of-fake ones today.  Up from yesterday’s five.

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