Healthy Tools

30 Jun

Getting a handle on my health and fitness is not an easy task. Especially with a new baby at home, it’s tough sometimes to get anything extra done, so I appreciate the extra help I get from all sorts of online tools and blogs.

  • Hungry Girl – I love this site.  I get weekly email updates from them, and they come in so handy!  They do a ton of recipe makeovers, which are great for settling the divide between yummy foods and successful dieting.  A lot of their madeover recipes are based on restaurant foods too, so they seem like real treats.  The site also sends out recipes, information about new diet products on the market, and reviews.  Hungry Girl answers questions from readers, and makes a great cookbook!  I haven’t gotten the newest cookbook yet, but we’ve got the first one and we love it.  Aaron loves the recipes as well, and in general they are all easy and quick, and make great leftovers.  There’s even a whole section using canned pumpkin, which I would happily put into everything I eat.
  • Daily Plate – I love this site for looking up nutritional information.  I am sure it doesn’t have everything, but I have found all sorts of things on there.  The search function works really well and doesn’t require super specifics or lead you to odd results.  There is a lot of information about restaurant and fast food items, and plenty of entries for regular groceries as well.
  • Healthy Fellow – This health blog is a new one I’ve just come across.  The website is set up essentially as a blog and can be read through a reader, which is likely how I will follow it from now on.  Each post offers some great information on a lot of useful diet ideas.  Healthy Fellow suggests some great, easy on-the-go snacks in his latest post, including pumpkin seeds, which I adore.  The blog presents a lot of pretty varied topics, and is generally looking at a particular food item in each post.  It’s a good way to get a quick overview about a new food, a current nutritional trend, or a particular ingredient.  Healthy Fellow also discusses some common, and some less common, health conditions, the usefulness of certain supplements, and holistic health practices.  The blog is super balance, and a great overview.  I like it because it’s not dedicated to a particular topic… it’s not just about food, weight loss, dieting, or exercise.  Instead, it looks at all sorts of topics that impact your overall health and well being.
  • Natural Medicine Talk – This health forum is also new for me. I’ve been trying to do some research on more natural, holistic health approaches, and this forum is a good place for information.  Of course, like any forum, you have to be careful with the information you’re getting from other posters.  Research for yourself, ask your doctors, and be careful with your own body.  That being said, the forum is a great place to get online and get advice, read about other people’s similar experiences, and get some new ideas for how to treat or handle your health concerns.  There are hundreds of topics covered in the forum, everything from homeopathic first aid to dental issues to back flower remedies.  The forum highlights my favorite aspect of the internet… collecting information from all sorts of sources, opinions from people whose backgrounds and histories couldn’t be more different from yours, and from there being able to cobble together your own opinions about everything!

Hope these help you too!


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