Hi There!

23 Jul

Wow… this blog is really starting to get boring, yeah?  Sorry.

I spent a weekend sick with something awful, and then we spent last week trying to pack for our trip to my mom’s family reunion in Georgia.  We flew down to Florida on Thursday night and spent the night with my parents.  Evi was an angel on the plane, sleeping most of the time.  On Friday we drove to my uncle’s house in Georgia for the reunion.  It was SO good to see everyone again, and I loved the chance to show off my sweet girl.

Evi was great on Friday, but then had a hard time on Saturday.  I think she was totally overwhelmed because of all the new people, sights, and sounds.  On Sunday we were more careful and made sure to hold her ourselves in between new people, and to take her away for some quiet time several times through the day.  She did great again.

I, of course, ate a TON of great food while we were there, and Aaron had a great time hanging out with my family too.

On Monday we had breakfast with my parents and then headed off to the airport.  Evi managed her first real laugh in the car on the way there.  She hasn’t done it again, but we all heard it.  It was ridiculously cute.

This week we’ve been taking it easy at home, trying to unpack from the trip and catch up on sleep.  This afternoon Evi watched her Baby Einstein signing video for the first time and was totally enthralled, so I will definitely have to get some more of those for her.  I also really want to get the Wee See video for her as well.  She is growing so fast!

Aaron is working hard and trying to catch up after our time out of town.  I am hoping he doesn’t work too hard and wear himself out.  I am spending time at home, trying desperately to soak up every second with our sweet girl.  I can’t imagine leaving her…  I wish there was a way… but I just owe way too much money on my student loans.  I have already called to ask if they will allow me to make smaller payments, but it just was nowhere near enough.  In the end, I know everything will be fine, but it is weighing heavy on my mind right now.  That could explain why I have ordered pizza THREE DAYS in a row now, and have been eating like crazy with no exercise.

I just can’t get a handle on the healthy thing right now, and it frustrates me because I was doing so well before we went to the reunion.

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