Five Years

5 Aug

I’m stealing this from Caryn, who got it from here.

The topic is, “What have you accomplished in the past five years?” And because I’m completely compyign Caryn here, I’ll add: “And what do you plan to accomplish in the next five years?”

Five years ago I was 24.  I don’t even remember where I was working.  I’m sure I was going to school, and I was teaching piano and voice lessons in a studio I rented from my own piano teacher.

In the beginning of the year (in April) Aaron and I got married.  It was a beautiful wedding and I was thrilled with it.  I already knew I’d made a fantastic choice.

Not long after we got married, I made the decision to stop teaching.  It was just too stressful and too time consuming for the return.  I went back to school and continued working toward my Bachelors degree.

I got my Bachelor’s degree.

I self-published my book.

I entered, and was a finalist in, the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest.

I spent two summers and one winter in Europe.

I learned to drive a stick shift.

We bought a house and paid off some of our debt.

I finally learned to stop shopping emotionally.

I lost fifty pounds, gained it back, lost 30 of it again.

I started my family, surviving the death of my son and rejoicing in the birth of my daughter.

In the next five years?  There is a lot I would like to do.  I want to finish our house, first just the basics to make it a clean and livable place and then bigger projects to make it our ideal home.  I want to find a way to get paid for my writing.  I want to find the perfect niche for my professional life.  I want to lose the rest of this weight.  I’d like to become a better cook, (re)master my Italian, get something published, and become handier around the house.  I’d like to see my family at least once a year.  I’d like to learn to dress better and to do something with my hair at least once a week.

More than anything else, I’d like to raise a happy, healthy daughter and give her a brother or sister to play with.

Thanks Caryn, this was fun!


2 Responses to “Five Years”

  1. Bex August 5, 2009 at 7:56 pm #

    First of all, you are amazing.

    On the future… when I move in, I’m making part of the contract a mandatory outing at least once a month for you and A for which you have to do your hair fancy. It doesn’t matter if you guys are just going to go drive somewhere and walk around together… fancy hair is a must. 😉 So there’s once a week for at least once a month to help out. hehe. Free babysitting for fancy hair. (That’s gonna be the official slogan for my services.)

  2. Caryn August 5, 2009 at 11:27 pm #

    That was a wonderful post! 🙂

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