Monday Morning

17 Aug

We had quite a busy weekend.  Saturday morning we headed into the city to pick up my things from the office.  I’ve officially submitted my resignation!  It’s an odd feeling to know that is done, even though I haven’t been in the office in eight months.  In the end, I just couldn’t bring myself to leave Evi for fourteen hours a day.

Saturday afternoon we had a visit from Amanda and Nick.  We picked up some fried chicken and had a nice picnic on the beach.  It was a beautiful day.

08.15.09 Driftwood Beach (5)

Our awesome neighbors let us borrow some great baby stuff, so we had Evi all closed up in an adorable little baby pod that kept her protected from the monster mosquitos while still leaving her able to see and hear everything.  She really enjoyed the pod!

08.15.09 Driftwood Beach (2)

08.15.09 Driftwood Beach (3)

Sunday morning, we got up and had a great brunch with Amanda and Nick and then spent some time walking around Solomons.  We had some great key lime pie from Kim’s Key Lime Pies and enjoyed the air conditioned gift shop.  Evi had a great time there too, really enjoying all of the colors and having lots of laughs with her Daddy.

She also learned to roll over this weekend!  I even have proof:

The Roll Over Video

All in all, we had a wonderful weekend and really enjoyed the chance to have a nice, relaxing summer weekend.  Next weekend my parents and brother are coming for a visit and we can’t wait to see them!  I know they’re going to have a great time with Evi, and we’re hoping to take them to some local festivals as well.

Now I’m off to add 30,000 words to my book so that I can start shopping it to agents.

2 Responses to “Monday Morning”

  1. Cynthia August 17, 2009 at 9:24 pm #

    That is so cute!!!!

  2. Auntie Kate August 18, 2009 at 9:05 am #

    I am so happy to hear that you will be staying home with Evi for a while. It is always a difficult decision, especially financially, but you will NEVER regret it. It is great for your peace of mind, too. Enjoy the times with your precious Evi!

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