September 11

11 Sep

I wrote an article for Examiner today about 9/11:

Maryland Remembers September 11th

I’ve been thinking a lot about that day.  I remember being at work.  I remember rushing home to pick up my brothers and sisters from school.  I remember the secretary from a neighboring office being terrified because there was a very good chance she lost her brand new husband.  In the end she didn’t, but for more than 24 hours she lived in terror.

I remember the aftermath, when the whole world seemed to come together in grief and support.  I wonder now why we can’t hold on to that feeling and learn to be a united world people.  Maybe it is just not in our nature… but I hope it’s where we are headed.

I am thinking today of everyone who lost someone, everyone who lived in fear, everyone who came together afterward to show someone else some much needed love.


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