Last Days of Summer

21 Sep

I can’t believe summer is officially coming to an end!  Evi and I have big plans to spend some time outside today in the beautiful weather.  There may be some beach time in our future now that it’s cooled down enough that I don’t worry about her overheating.

Aaron is doing fine and hasn’t had any further issues, which supports the theory put out by several knowledgable medical friends who’ve suggested he had an allergic reaction to the TB injection.  We still don’t know, but I am just happy to see him doing fine again.

We had a beautiful weekend.  We spent Saturday in Baltimore with good friends, got some super cheap DVDs, ate Indian food (hard to find near our house) and spent several hours discussing religion and politics, which I love doing with people who don’t get angry about it.

Now that we’re back to another Monday, I am missing Aaron again.  I enjoy our weekends as a family so much that sometimes Mondays are tough!  Evi is great company though, especially as she gets more and more active.  She is sitting up on her own now, and can also get her toes in her mouth!  She is such a happy girl and so much fun.  We feel pretty lucky to have her, and she is a great kid to have around our friends who haven’t had kids yet since she doesn’t do anything terrifying.

Especially after a good friend of mine lost her daughter a few weeks ago, Aodin has been on our minds a lot.  We’ve been doing a lot of thinking and talking about the different ways people deal with loss and grief.  My friend asks me for advice a lot, and I am always afraid I am not giving her good advice since I think this is such a personal issue.  Everyone does it differently.  We don’t do anniversaries.  We don’t celebrate particular days.  We don’t do birthday parties or memorials.  Instead, for us, it is a more common thing.  We talk about him every day, often to friends or strangers.  It’s just easier for us to incorporate Aodin equally into every day than to have a special day set aside.

I have been thinking a lot about Aodin lately, about how much he is missed and how much he informs my love for Evi.  He is a part of her as much as he is a part of me or Aaron.  I can’t wait to help her get to know him as she gets older.


One Response to “Last Days of Summer”

  1. Bex September 23, 2009 at 11:56 am #

    Love, I think whatever advice you give to your friend is going to be good. Because you’re giving it from the heart. A particular thing might not really work for her the same way, but that doesn’t mean the advice isn’t good. ❤ As someone who frequently gets advice from others and hears concerns about it not being good advice, I feel strong in saying any advice you give straight from your own heart and with love is good advice.

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