Five Months

5 Oct

I went to bed late last night, so I was sure I would sleep in this morning and wake up feeling cranky and groggy.  Oddly, I woke up early and felt totally ready to get out of bed.  A good cup of coffee and an hour later, and I am still feeling glad I got up.  Sometimes it just feels good to get your day started and not lay around, you know?   Then again, sometimes it feels fantastic to just lay in bed.


Evi is five months old as of Friday.  This seems insane to me, as it doesn’t feel like it has been five months.  She seems like a new baby every day.  She is sitting up on her own now, though she’ll tumble over if you leave her without support for more than a few minutes.  She is eating rice cereal every day in her bottles.  She still hasn’t figured out what to do with a spoon.  She laughs and smiles almost constantly, and she is still sleeping through the night like a champion now that we’ve given up on taking away her swaddle.  Aaron officially spotted some incoming teeth, so we’re battening down the hatches and hoping the teething storm will blow over without too much hassle.  We’ve noticed her few cranky spells do seem to be a touch more cranky, but she doesn’t seem to be generally less happy so we’re crossing our fingers that it stays that way.

Right now I can hear her starting to stir in her crib.  She shifts around, makes little sounds… she is so vocal now.  Even when she is sound asleep at night, she’s started making little sounds, little sighs and coos.  I wonder what she is dreaming about.  I imagine it has something to do with the dog, who absolutely fascinates her.

She has started doing this fantastic thing with food.  When she sees her bottle she opens her mouth WIDE WIDE WIDE and strains to get to it.  It’s hilarious, and I think we got video of it this weekend so I will post it if I can.  She’s also started doing that with our food as well, so I am considering trying to introduce some pureed fruit/veggie this week to see how she does with it.  Any advice on making your own baby food?  I know there are a ton of sites out there, but I’d love to hear from someone who has done it themselves.  I don’t mind buying it, but making your own seems so much cheaper.  I just worry about her getting the right nutrients, since the store bought stuff is chock full of extra vitamins and such.


Aaron and I have begun to think about having another baby.  Please don’t misread this.  I do not, by any stretch, mean we are thinking about doing it now.  I mean we are literally just now starting to think about the possibility of maybe one day thinking about discussing having another one.  🙂  It’s funny, because as of right now I feel like I would be totally content to stop here.  Aaron, on the other hand, is saying he knows right now he would love to have another.  Funny, huh?  Isn’t it usually the other way, with the Dad wanting to stop while the Mom wants more?  😛  We’ve always been weird.

Aaron, of course, had to add the caveat that he wishes the baby would just appear.  He didn’t mind my pregnancy at all, even with the bedrest, but the afterward has been rough.  The birth itself was so wearying, and then six (closer to eight for me) weeks of healing afterward, plus having to bounce back from bedrest.  With all of that, plus some minor complications, I am only now getting back to being totally healed and functional again.  Five months later.  Aaron worries about the toll on my body.  Again, funny since that’s the last thing I think about or really care about.  For me, the only body concern is that I would really like to get a handle on the weight issue again before having another baby.  In my head I’ve set the timeline such that we will begin serious discussions about a third child only when Evi is turning, or at least fast approaching, one.


Speaking of the weight thing….  man, this sucks.  I am so not in a place where I can get a handle on my weight/eating issues.  We’re trying to keep our eating under control, and since I am home and cooking we tend to do really well for most dinners.  However, breakfast tends to be an issue because we both need something fast and easy that doesn’t need to be kept hot or cold and can be eaten one-handed.  Aaron tends to eat either right before he leaves or in the car on the way to work, and I am always getting my breakfast at the same time that Evi has hers.  There are some recipes (like this one) I think would solve the problem (though I am not sure how healthy they are), and we just got a bread maker that might also help, but I am feeling a bit at a loss as to how to stay healthy and still keep things convenient enough to make it work.

Lunches are less of a challenge for Aaron since in general we pack something for him to take.  For me, I am grabbing whatever there is here at the house when I have a window in the day.  Sometimes that means some pretty healthy dinner leftovers, and sometimes it means cobbling together a lunch from whatever I can grab quickly and not have to cook/heat.  We’ve solved some of the problem by no longer buying things like poptarts, which are horrifically bad for you.  I know I need to get more into the habit of cooking and preparing things on the weekends to make the weekdays easier….  I am totally open to (and hoping for) suggestions!


I am excited to report that I am officially working from home!  After tons and tons of applications and attempts and haunting various boards I’ve found a freelance job.  I highly recommend  It does cost some money to join, but it’s also got a money back guarantee so I figured it was worth the risk of shelling out a little bit of cash and it turned out to be a great investment.  It is one of the only freelance/work from home/nontraditional job boards out there where the jobs are really legitimate all of the time, and a lot of these jobs are not ones I am seeing in other places.  Anyway, I found one where I am doing entries for a database for an up -and-coming website.  I’ll link to it sometime soon, but for now I should say that I am loving the work and really enjoying the chance to stay at home.  It is keeping me surprisingly busy, and the pay is pretty good.  Ideally I would be making just a little bit more per month, but for now I am just happy to have found something that pays reasonably well and keeps me working.  I am also waiting to hear back from another freelance position (this one with a well known website and very competitive) sometime soon.  If I land that job, the two combined will mean a very comfortable (though still not large) income for me and I will be THRILLED.  Please send out happy vibes on that front?


Finally, I wanted to send a big thank you out to Jason.  He is not only hilarious, but a big softy who sent Evi a super sweet card and some really fantastic books.  He sent Sandra Boynton’s The Going-To-Bed Book, which we now read every night before bed and just love.  He also sent us another Boynton book that I can’t remember the name of since I am not looking at it and, since having a baby, no longer posses brain cells.  🙂  Anyway, thanks Jason!  The books are fantastic and Evi LOVES them!!!


Speaking of books…  I am STILL trying to finish editing my manuscript so that I can send The Traveler out to agents.  I am adding new elements to the plot and lengthening the book to official novel length (80,000 words or more.)  It’s taking a lot of time, especially now that I am working during the day, so it could be a while, but it is still in the works.


Phew!  That was LONG!  It’s been a long time since I had the time to really update, so it feels good to finally get back to the blog and bring everyone up to speed on everything we’re doing so far.  And no, we’re still not totally unpacked.  We may never be.

I hope everyone’ s week is off to a fantastic start.  I’m off to do some work!


7 Responses to “Five Months”

  1. n. October 5, 2009 at 8:59 am #

    so glad to hear everything is falling into place and that you have found some flexible work to keep you at home! i cant wait to see evi again, we have to get something on the calendar. i did make all of my own baby food with f. and a lot of my own baby food with the little boys. i used the super baby food book by ruth yaron. its a great resource, and i used it more as a guide than a bible. she tells you exactly how to prepare and freeze every possible fruit and veggie you can think of to keep the most nutrients. there are sample menus, etc. she even tells you how to make your own cereal, which for us seemed a bit ambitious. but i loved her philosophy of spending one day preparing and freezing a bunch of food and then thawing it by the meal. its def. a book to buy, not check out the library because we referred to it often.

  2. Barbara (burble) October 5, 2009 at 1:33 pm #

    5 months? No, really? goodness, time goes so fast.

    I’m so glad you’re doing well and it’s lovely to hear about Evi.


  3. Aunt Becky October 5, 2009 at 2:11 pm #

    How can she be 5 months old already? How is that possible?

  4. Sarah K. October 5, 2009 at 5:24 pm #

    I made all of my son’s babyfood, it really is easy I would usually set aside an afternoon and just steam and puree up a storm, let the food cool slightly and put in in the freezer in icecube trays the food will last a couple of weeks in the freezer! My son is a really good eater and in part I credit that to him eating “real food” instead of perserved mush!

    You will save a ton of money and also know where you daughter’s food comes from. Plus jarred baby food is made to last for Two Years on the shelf that’s older than the person you are feeding!

    Just do your reasearch and you’ll be great!

  5. Jason Rohrblogger October 5, 2009 at 10:11 pm #

    Glad you like the Boynton books! I can’t remember the second book I send you, either. It was “Barnyard Dance” or “Moo, Baa, La La La.”

    You have already read my jokes about those books:

    “Barnyard Dance” has a great beginning and middle, but the end doesn’t really hold up Boynton’s original thesis as stated. “Moo, Baa, La La La” is less didactic and more onomatopoeic (not to mention more thoroughly researched) with a satisfying return to stasis post-denouement. But Evi can certainly read them and decide for herself.

  6. Emma October 7, 2009 at 8:56 am #

    I was just thinking of you Heather…gosh Evi really is a little person, isn’t she!! And as for another baby? I am sure you will know when it is right for you, and your body will tell you, I have no doubt! Exciting news about being able to work from home! Means you won’t be missing Evi’s milesotones 🙂 The boxes will one day figure out how to unpack themseleves!Chat soon.
    ~Happy angelversary Aodin~
    xoxox Emmaoxoxxo

  7. Heather October 7, 2009 at 2:43 pm #

    Making your own baby food is easy just cook veggies(or fruits) and puree in the blender then freeze in ice cube trays to thaw as needed. The only food I couldn’t puree right was meat, I bought the jars of it cause I could never get the consistency right. I never tried to make the cereal either, some things are just too much work. I had the same problem trying to eat a quick lunch, one good thing I found was to make sandwich wraps, tortilla shells, spinach leaves, cooked chicken, anything you like along those lines, make up enough for several days, they keep good in the fridge unlike regular sandwich.

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