16 Oct

Just so you know, I’m feeling a lot more in control of things.  I started making a daily list of Things To Do, knowing in advance that a lot of them just wouldn’t get done.  The list is helping me to understand what I have to do, and to feel both more in control and more accomplished when I get to cross something off.  I LOVE crossing things off of my to-do list.

I’ve decided Friday is my day to spend a few hours out of the house, no matter what I have to do at home.  I have to find somewhere with internet access, so today I am spending my exciting time out at…  McDonalds!!!

A lovely woman here made my day though.  She was standing behind me in line, and she ordered and then offered to help me with my tray.  She brought my tray to the table for me, got straws and condiments for me, and brought me a pile of napkins.  It was just a small thing, but it was so kind and meant so much.  She totally made my day.

So here I am at McDs, getting some work done while talking to my sister on the phone, blogging, and playing with Evi.  Here comes the weekend!


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