17 Oct

Today we had cheese fries for  lunch.  I ate them, I enjoyed them, and I still don’t feel guilty.

This is new for me.  I am the queen of major food guilt.  But no longer, and I have my daughter to thank.

Near the end of my pregnancy I gave myself the green light to eat whatever I wanted.  I didn’t go totally insane, but I indulged every craving.  It was fun.  I gained forty five pounds, and within a week of giving birth I lost all but fifteen of it.  I told myself I would work on better eating slowly and without pressure, and I have done just that.  For the most part, I eat well, and  I treat myself on special occasions, which include rainy days, weekends, and days when I wanna.

I am still holding on to fifteen pounds of baby weight, but today I realized that taking my time with it and enjoying life (and life’s myriad foods) is so worth it.  A cheese fry lunch will not end the world.  Ice cream every night will not make me a bad person.  Food is fun, snacks are fine, and my body may not be perfect but it is certainly a miracle.  Aodin and Evi, miracles in their own right, are my proof.

Dear body: I love you.  We’re going to have our ups and downs, our disagreements and issues, but we are friends.  Thanks for all you do to keep me and my family taken care of.  One day soon I promise to figure out how to dress your new shape.  🙂


2 Responses to “Revelation”

  1. Tara October 19, 2009 at 7:23 am #

    Am I totally a dork because I kinda teared up reading this? You have such an awesome attitude! I wish that more women (myself at times) would have this outlook on their bodies. I love my curves, they are so much a part of who I am and the attitude I have, I wouldn’t give them up for anything. I don’t think I would know who to be without them.

  2. LouLou October 20, 2009 at 12:45 pm #

    I love your post. I wish I could say the same. HUGS! 😀

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