Half Birthday

2 Nov

Dear Evi –

I can’t believe you are six months old today.  I don’t know where the time went, but I still wouldn’t trade it.

You are awesome.  You are such a good baby, always laughing and smiling even when your teeth are coming in.  You make it so easy to stay home and take care of you.  Sometimes I feel a little guilty when I have to work, but it’s worth it to get to stay home and see all of the cool things you do every day.

You are so playful now, really enjoying games and having a great time.  You laugh at mommy’s funny faces or daddy’s silly games.  You say mama, dada, puhpuh, haha, baba, mmmm ba, and thuh.  You are great at sitting up now, you never topple over anymore.  You love your Sophie teether and your sock monkey toy.

I am so happy to have you.  You are our little miracle.  Sometimes I think back to the beginning of my pregnancy with you, and I still can’t imagine we have come so far.  You are strong and smart and healthy, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

I hear you waking up, so I will go.  I can’t wait to see your Good Morning smile.

I love you little girl.

— Your Mommy


2 Responses to “Half Birthday”

  1. Patty Horst November 2, 2009 at 8:27 am #

    HEART! I love you both….HAPPY HALF Birthday, banana’s sweet baby girl! I LOVE YOU!!!

  2. Beautiful Mess November 2, 2009 at 11:20 am #

    WOW! 6 months?! That’s CRAZY! I hope you enjoy the next 6 months as much as the first.

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