Pasta Bean Salad

7 Nov

I’ve officially committed to eating better, so today Aaron and I sat down and made a meal plan and shopping list for the whole week.  I tried to use as much as I could from what we already had in the pantry/fridge, and then include lots of healthy stuff.  It’s not perfect, and I’m sure it could be healthier, but I wanted to document it just in case it helps someone else.

We had pancakes for breakfast.  For lunch, we had pastrami and cheddar melt sandwiches with horseradish and mustard and some wilted spinach with garlic.  For dinner, I made zesty southern pasta and bean salad.  I used fat free zesty Italian dressing, and substituted 1.5 cups of crushed tomatoes for the chopped ones.  I also used radiatore instead of “seashell pasta,” and I think the shape was better for the super thin sauce.  I left out the red pepper flakes because we don’t have any, but I think they would have been really good.  The recipe turned out really well, and it made eight nicely sized servings, so we’ll be eating it all week!

For dessert, we had Sara Lee Cookies ‘n Cream Cheesecake Bites.  Hey, no one’s perfect, and they were good!  We’re trying for baby steps in the hopes that gradual changes will stick.  I have to say that dinner was refreshing.  It tasted like vegetables and good, healthy food, and I really liked it.

So here we go…


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