14 Dec

It seems like life is full of complex issues these days.

On one hand, I am SO looking forward to spending a week in Florida with my family.  It has been far too long and I miss them all so much.  On the other hand, I am sort of stressing out about packing.  What to bring, what to buy there?  To check a bag (and free up a hand for baby/stroller/diaper bag) or use all carry-ons (and free up a little time)?  How to get over the guilt of not buying presents for anyone this year?

I’m still working from home, and doing alright with it, though the client I am working for is not quite as consistent as I was hoping, so I am making less than I thought I would overall.  Still, it’s better than nothing for sure, and I genuinely enjoy the work.  I am hoping if I stick with it, the site will take off and they will have more work for me overall.

I am so missing Aodin these days.  I think of him all the time, but as the holidays approach I am thinking more and more about how much I miss him.  I guess I feel him near me even more this time of year, and I enjoy that feeling even if it does make me a little teary-eyed every so often.

As much as I spend the summer thinking about the pleasantness of autumn, and as honest as I am when I say I don’t think I could live in Florida and not have all the seasons, I am already tired of being cold.  This means I will never survive the winter, since it’s only going to get colder and will continue through at least March and likely well into April.

I have never in my life been more excited for something than I am for the date(s) Aaron and I will have the chance for this coming week!!!  We haven’t been out on a date since before Evi was born, and we’re really looking forward to the time together.


2 Responses to “Complexities”

  1. Beautiful Mess December 15, 2009 at 1:36 pm #

    I can only imagine how much you miss your little man, but take comfort in the fact that he’s with you. I hope the thought of your beautiful boy brings you more smiles then tears always and forever. I’m always an email away if you ever need to get it out.

    Take a deep breath, you’ll be ready for Florida and have a BLAST! Take lots of pictures of the sun…AHHHHH sun!

  2. Patty Horst December 16, 2009 at 8:53 am #

    I cannot wait for you to get here…Evi is all ours and you can go and do to your hearts content…We will take care of her and get my lovin’ in; b/c I’ve missed it way too much! I’m even excited for you and Aaron to go and have your own time; you really need it honey. Whatever you may forget to pack, we’ll find it here or I’ll have it…just get here..that’s all I need….

    Looks like low to mid 60’s for pictures on Sunday, which is perfect…YAY!!! And I’m off the ENTIRE time you guys are here! Wooooo-hooooo!!!

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