We’re Home!

28 Dec

We had a lovely, beautiful, fantastic time in Florida.  We flew down on Aaron’s birthday and Evi was awesome on the plane.  She was awake, but (as always) in a great mood and charmed everyone around us.  I did have the awesome adventure of changing her diaper in the airplane bathroom…  Now I know that it’s worth waiting, even if it means ruining a onesie or two.

We had so much fun with the family.  We spent time in Tarpon Springs, a Greek sponge diving village, and had some amazing authentic Greek food and baked goods.  I am now in love with Samali, a semolina cake soaked in a citrus and almond syrup.  It was amazing, even better than the galaktoboureko and bougatsa!!!  Lunch was fantastic as well, featuring some great charbroiled seafood, an incomparable leg of lamb, and a lovely bottle of Retsina.

Most of us also went to the science museum in Tampa.  My dad and sister had to work, so they missed out and we missed them!  We had a great time though.  It would have been even better if so many of the exhibits hadn’t been broken…  we felt sort of cheated when we had to pay $25 to get into the museum only to find about half of the exhibits working.  We still had a great time though, and Aaron got to see a really cool fighter pilot Imax movie with my brothers and my sister Ashley.

Aaron and I also got two baby-free dates!  We spent a day at the mall, had lunch, and saw New Moon together.  The movie was…  disappointing… but we had a fantastic time spending the day out together.  At first I wanted to call home to check on Evi every five minutes, but the longer we were out, the more I was able to just enjoy my time with Aaron.  I think my family enjoyed babysitting Evi as much as we enjoyed the alone time.  Our second date included my brothers and my sister Brittany, and we all went to see Avatar.  Now that movie was AMAZING.  We all really enjoyed it and I would recommend it to everyone!

We opened Christmas presents on Christmas Eve since we were flying out, along with my brother Blake, on Christmas Day and didn’t want to be rushed.  It was so much fun, and Evi loved ripping (and eating) the paper.  She got lots of great clothes and books, and a great Vtech – Move & Crawl Ball from Brittany that she is now obsessed with.  Still not crawling, of course, but loving the ball and really enjoying tummy time with it.

It was so good for my heart to be home with my family again for the holidays.  I know now that whatever happens going forward, I want to be with them for Christmas whenever we can.  I miss them so much!  I loved the chance for Evi to hang out with them too, and she loved the time as well.  She was SO good.  She slept on the plane ride home too.

I thought I’d be freezing once we got back to Maryland, but it wasn’t too bad.  Temperatures were in the low 40s, down from almost 80 in Florida.  We were driving Blake home from the airport, so we had dinner at a gas station (Royal Farms has good fried chicken, but GREASY) and then dropped Blake off.  We drove to Aaron’s Dad’s house to pick up Savannah, who had a lovely time staying with her grandpa.  We stayed for about an hour and had some time to talk and enjoy some Christmas cookies as well.  Finally, we packed everything up and got started on the 2+ hour drive home.  Maybe ten minutes from home we ran into a huge accident, and we finally passed it and got close to home around midnight, when OUR CAR DIED.

We still don’t know what happened, but we ended up being able to roll it off the road and then Aaron walked the mile to the house while Evi and I stayed bundled up in the car with my cell phone, a snow shovel, and lots of blankets.  Evi was asleep, completely warm, and totally oblivious, and I stayed on the phone with my mom.  Aaron came back with our other car and we transferred everything and drove home.  Evi went to bed without issue, and we both were asleep in minutes.  We were SO exhausted.

The car is still broken, and we’re hoping to get it towed to a nearby mechanic today to figure out what went wrong.  I have some things I really need to mail out today, so if the weather clears up I may be walking with Evi to the post office this afternoon.

In other news, I am back on Weight Watchers.  I saw some pictures of me over this past week that made me feel really concerned about how I am treating my body.  I am back to making a concerted effort, and I’ll be tracking everything on my Food Journal for anyone who is interested.


One Response to “We’re Home!”

  1. Beautiful Mess December 28, 2009 at 2:00 pm #

    I’m so glad you enjoyed your time in Florida. Sorry about your car. How frustrating! I hope it gets fixed, soon.

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