My Weekend Alone

21 Mar

I went to FitBloggin this weekend (which I will write all about on Skinny Sushi… tomorrow maybe) and was all on my own for 43 hours!  I slept alone in a bed that was not positioned next to a baby monitor.  I spent my days following my own whims, attending conference sessions, and not once thinking about adhering to Ms. Evi’s schedule.

In the hours before sleeping and this morning while waiting to be picked up from the hotel, I finally FINALLY got around to reading the first half of La Bella Lingua, the book I won way back in November.  So far, the book is incredible and I so wish I had more time to finish it.  Maybe I will start reading a few pages in the mornings.

Although I really missed Aaron and Evi while I was gone, it was nice to have a little break.  I met a ton of great people, had a really good time with great meals and three wonderful workouts, and I felt like I got a much needed break from being Mommy Heather.  However, I’m glad it didn’t last any longer.  I was more than ready to see my beautiful family when they got to the hotel this morning.

After we left the hotel, we met my all time favorite college professor (my Italian teacher) for lunch at Panera Bread.  I haven’t seen her in almost two years, though we’ve kept in touch via email.  It was SO nice to see her again.  She looks amazing and was so great with Evi.  She brought these great bug instrument toys that Evi is now totally obsessed with, and we had a great lunch.  We sat and talked (and played with baby) for two hours!  It was a really nice afternoon.

We’re home now, and I am trying to collect my notes/thoughts/photos from the weekend.  My intention is to post tomorrow morning…..


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