Checking in, Catching Up

17 May

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Evi has been waking up at 7am lately.  I know that’s not too bad, and that plenty of kids are waking up a lot earlier… so I am not sure I’m allowed to complain.  However, it’s pretty early.  I’m usually awake by 6:30 at the latest, so I’m already up and downstairs by the time she wakes up.  The issue comes because I usually haven’t had time to make/finish my coffee and I feel pretty fuzzy when she gets up.

Speaking of coffee, we’re still waiting for a replacement carafe for our machine so we’ve been making it work with instant coffee…

Otherwise, we’ve been pretty boring around here.  I’m still running the Couch to 5K program.  Today I’ll be starting a repeat of week 4.  I’m also still doing my morning walks with Evi at least four days a week and usually five.  For a long time I was doing a great job of fitting in more workouts, but I’ve been letting that slide a little, so this week I’m aiming to get back to that.

My school semester is done until the fall.  I took the summer off to stretch out the length of time I have before the scholarship runs out, so now I’m good through next spring.  I have no idea what I will do after that.  I’ll worry more about it as the time gets closer, but it could involve applying for new schools (again) or going after a full time job.  Speaking of jobs, I actually applied for one that would be a full time position working from home, and I am super excited about the possibility.  I don’t really want to say more about it until I know what’s going on, but just keep good thoughts coming my way… they start reviewing the applications on Friday.

Writing is going pretty well, although it seems like I’ll definitely have to be turning my attention elsewhere in a month or so.  I gave myself two months to make a go of writing as my only career, and although I really am seeing a lot of progress, I am nowhere near a point where I could live off of the money.  I am submitting manuscripts to literary agents this month, so who knows… I suppose something could come of that.  I’m hoping it does, but it seems pretty unlikely in the current market.  Fortunately, manuscript submission is something I can continue to do no matter how busy I might be with another job.  I also have a ton of partial stories, outlines, and story ideas for more writing if I can ever find the time.

Evi is… amazing.  Seriously, I have the best kid on Earth.  She’s fun, happy, sweet, always in a good mood…  Yes, she’s waking up earlier than I’d like, but she gets up and has breakfast with me and then is totally content to sit and hang out with me quietly for a half hour or so while I type.  I talk to her and tell her what I’m writing about, and she mostly phases out and watches Special Agent Oso. The fact that she eats all of our food now is also making me hyper aware of the holes in our diet… we don’t always get enough veggies, so it’s something we’re working on.  Fortunately for us, she will eat just about anything.  She’ll even eat a litte bit of meat now, thanks to our neighbor’s helpful suggestion to try frozen turkey meatballs.  We made some for dinner last night and Evi loved them.  She ate two on her own!  She also loves buffalo sauce… because she’s awesome!

I apologize for being a lot less active on this blog lately.  Lately I haven’t felt like I had a lot to say here… so I’m happy to accept your questions, ideas, etc…  Let me know what you want to hear!  More importantly, now that I’m not posting as much I am missing your updates as well!  Leave a comment please, and let me know how you’re doing lately.  Tell me what’s new, what’s good or bad, and what you’ve been thinking about.

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